Chaos has gripped the capital, distraught breaking crowd to the President, the arrests: what happens

Хаос охватил столицу, обезумевшая толпа ломится к президенту, начались аресты: что происходит

The leaders of the movement “yellow jackets” detained in the middle of Paris

The three leaders of the movement “yellow jackets” “twisted” on the way to the Elysian Fields, where today a parade in honor of Bastille Day.

This is reported by French media:

“Detained Maxim Nicole, Jerome Rodriguez and Eric Drouet”. The leaders of the movement had little resistance to the security forces, one of them was detained with the scandal in December of last year. So in the eyes of the astonished audience, part of which also were ready to rush into fight with the city security forces, men “grabbed” and sent to the Department, to be questioning.

Хаос охватил столицу, обезумевшая толпа ломится к президенту, начались аресты: что происходит

Recall, for several months in a row – seven, to be precise, in France, restless. Every week the “yellow jackets” out on the streets of French cities, in particular – are rioting in the capital. Many protests are accompanied by clashes with police. The demonstrators said the President of France Makron and the government don’t listen to them, so “we need a revolution, but without violence can not be”.

It is known that on July 14, Sunday a few people chanted slogans of “yellow jackets” with calls for the resignation of the President of France Emmanuel Makron for a few minutes before the beginning of the military parade in honor of Bastille Day. Later, when the President Makron participated in the parade on the Champs Elysees, the crowd heard the whistle. The protesters tried to break through to the road.

Now the protesters are building barricades from the iron fence on the Champs Elysees.

Recall also, the demonstrators began in the middle of the street to throw stones at the guards. May 1 in Paris, clashes broke out between police and participants of the may day demonstration.

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Then, near the famous café “Rotonda” in the French capital all began — demonstrators started throwing stones at police. Police came closer, then there was a fierce clash.

Хаос охватил столицу, обезумевшая толпа ломится к президенту, начались аресты: что происходит

It is known that more than 160 people were detained during the may day demonstration in Paris.

Let us remind that on 20 April in France rattled the riots. As a result of output to another protest so-called “yellow jackets”, dozens of activists were detained.

Then, at 23 weeks of protests in France was “hot”. It is known that the capital Paris, 70 people were detained for carrying prohibited items. Protesters used smoke and stun grenades. It is known that at that time the local authorities pulled together more than 60 thousand policemen and gendarmes, more than five thousand in Paris in order to quell the rebellion.

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