CEC drove himself into a trap of claims and litigation, and put the elections in jeopardy, – the expert

ЦИК сам себя загнал в ловушку исков и претензий, и поставил выборы под угрозу срыва, – эксперт

The Central election Commission has driven itself into a trap of claims and litigation and put elections in jeopardy

This was stated by political analyst Kirill Molchanov on the social network Facebook.

“The CEC has driven itself into a trap of claims and litigation and put the elections in jeopardy. The actions of the Central Electoral Commission in these elections-like the behavior of an elephant in a China shop. Of course, members of the CEC appointed by the previous government, was a completely different political reality than they promised those who were appointed: the political power of the Petro Poroshenko was an outsider to the political process, Self-help has collapsed, NetFront didn’t even go to the polls, but the interests are gone,” says the analyst.

According to him, new and inexperienced members of the CEC go on the rake errors and blatant double standards, trying to fulfill the wishes of those who delegated.

“For example, the head of the CEC, citing the GPU gives an interview that Kuzmin was in the Crimea, and Crimea is Ukraine, and the Commission immediately removes it from the elections for that reason. Of course, there is a direct road in court. After registering movement Saakashvili, the Commission had to hold perederejeva and remove all possible questions. Arbitrarily assigning party beautiful room, CEC ran into the suit, which was to be expected,” continued the political expert.

Kirill Molchanov believes that inspired from Odessa, the claim of the Party Retired to the CEC with the requirement to remove from elections of Saakashvili-that story yet. After all, so trying to remove itself from the election and his party, thereby to remove the 22 number from the list at all.

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“But how does that negate the requirement of perederejeva if the rights of other parties already broken? Well, if the CEC yells so loud that we can not change anything, because not enough paper or paint is generally for whom?

Why not now to print the ballot papers of the constituencies, and then list? And why is there no confirmation of this from the printing plant Ukraine? The closer the election, the more and more apparent that the only threat to disrupt the elections-the CEC itself. It was the failure of the election-the new target of the political forces that appointed its members,” concluded Cyril Molchanov.