Caution: Privat suspect in the double debit, details

Осторожно: Приватбанк заподозрили в двойном списании средств, подробности

PrivatBank accused of double write-offs during payment of purchases

A complaint appeared in the Minfin portal, where customers leave reviews about banks.

“Thought it was a one-time error, but today I noticed that again the amount paid in the store, exchanged letters again. This is different outlets,” — said the PrivatBank client.

He stressed that the situation is not unique.

“And I don’t believe words of employees of PB from the chat that this is all on request outlets reserved amount for future withdrawals… Which further withdrawals if the amount is already written off?? I would not write here if the situation is not repeated two days later in a completely different point,” reads a statement by client of PrivatBank.

Осторожно: Приватбанк заподозрили в двойном списании средств, подробности

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Earlier it was reported that PrivatBank without explanation blocked accounts of women retirees.

“PrivatBank suddenly, without explanation blocked the account of my mother pensioner. Privat24 received a message “you are denied financial transactions for all open Bank accounts. Read more on the website”. And there’s this link here that says “On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, financing of terrorism and financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”, — told the daughter of a client of the Bank.

Recall that PrivatBank took the customer’s money after his mistakes.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank has started to block the accounts of Ukrainian.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank’s put the debt of 212 thousand 500 UAH.