Causes of cancer: 10 everyday things that provoke the appearance of the tumor

Причины рака: 10 повседневных вещей, которые провоцируют появление опухоли

Except everybody is aware of global causes of cancer, there are also hidden provocateurs that have plagued us at every step

In this article from Сlutch you will find information about the most unexpected influences on the emergence and development of cancer.

There is a well-known list of the major instigators of cancer. These include: addiction — Smoking, diet harmful products — obesity, misuse of ultrafioletowymi radiation, alcohol dependence and contaminated environment. From these causes the people around the world suffer from cancer and every day are diagnosed new cases of cancer. Excluding global provocateurs, to fully protect themselves from the terrible disease will not work. There are a number of other, hidden factors, influencing the development of tumors in the human body.

Hot drinks

Scientists repeatedly that hot food and drinks are hazardous to health. Esophageal cancer in the first place, produces a habit to drink hot tea and eat piping hot. To protect yourself from such consequences, you need to give food and drink to cool to 5 minutes, and then only send in the gastrointestinal tract. The next time you drink hot coffee, remember the half million people who annually are diagnosed with “esophageal cancer”.

“Kebab under the brandy”

Animal protein in meat and meat products when exposed to very high temperatures, causing cancer. The more often a person eats such foods, the greater the risk of cancer of the pancreas and bladder. All because of the carcinogenic substances, which easily appear in the meat at the time of roasting. The usual barbecue in this issue is no exception, and if it has to add other ” bad ” foods and drink it all alcohol, health problems can not be avoided.

A clean house

The house should be our fortress, both from negative internal factors and external. Why do we personally bring to his abode of “murderers”? Arsenal of cleaning products, detergents, refreshing means of causing catastrophic harm to our health. Air fresheners and products for the destruction of mold, any chemicals with pungent synthetic smell that caring manufacturer softens flavors, — causes cancer. In the area of risk automatically enters a woman. The most common type of cancer from household chemicals — breast cancer. Carefully choose the means to maintain cleanliness in the house, because they can instead use to bring terrible harm.

Причины рака: 10 повседневных вещей, которые провоцируют появление опухоли

Technical progress

Over a hundred years ago came to light the first lamp. From that moment began the countdown of the people affected by this invention. These lamps provide electricity to the large power which leads to carcinogens, and therefore increase the risk of tumours. On the one hand new inventions improve the quality of human life, but on the other it is to destroy.

Special fish

Food is one of the strongest instigators of cancer. The most dangerous products — industrial garbage. But in addition, increase the risk of cancer can seem harmless and useful products. Experts have proved that fish, namely salmon, are grown in artificial conditions, contain toxic substances that are the impetus for the emergence and growth of the tumor.

“Harmless” alcoholic beverage

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All the news

All beer lovers should be careful with this drink. The habit to drink a glass of beer after a working day becomes a pattern — the risk of cancer of the intestine or the liver increases significantly. To such conclusion experts of the world Fund cancer research. Overall, abuse of any kind of alcohol triggers the formation of tumors. Just a beer many consider a harmless drink and go beyond bounds of rules.

A trip to the cinema

Weekend out with family or friends to watch a film at the cinema, one of the activities. During the session, you want something to drink and eat. From the liquid we prefer the sweet juices or sodas, their damage is not even worth talking about. But as a snack in the movie it would be popcorn. Buying this product for yourself and your children, keep in mind that it contains synthetic fragrances. At a time when popcorn is heated the chemicals released into the wild their toxins, and we happily sent them to your body.

Причины рака: 10 повседневных вещей, которые провоцируют появление опухоли

Sudochki food to work

To not eat junk food at work, taking care of your health we take food with them. Preparing meals at home, lay everything on the sudochki, plastic, and repeat this procedure daily. The food is of such capacity throughout the day, and even until the next morning, after all, what could happen to her during the day. Can. Food containers, plastic easily transfer their threat components for your food. Scientists have proven that this chemistry affects the appearance of tumors.

First sex

Early sexual relationships increase the risk of cancer in women. And if this factor to add a bad habit, the young of the organism, cancer is diagnosed more often. Experts recommend girls to abstain from sex at least until 20 years. Thus, cervical cancer will reduce their positions of occurrence.


There are many professions where people have to sleep at night. This mode affects the health and well-being individually. However, in the human body, without any rest during the night, melatonin is produced in insufficient quantities. If you consider the fact that this hormone has a very important position in the functioning of our body, the imbalance can lead to the emergence of tumors in the digestive tract and even in the genitals.

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