Cathy Bourgeois will be active in the Lac-Saint-Jean

cathy-bourgeois(MAGOG) The cancellation for one year of the International Crossing of Lake Memphremagog (TILM) will not leave his last Cathy Bourgeois president scrapped so far. This will be assigned to a task that is already familiar to him from long distance swimmers and open water swimmers during their visit to Quebec.

Except that Cathy Bourgeois will in Roberval, in the framework of the International Crossing of Lake St-Jean. You should know that Cathy Bourgeois is not unknown in Lac Saint-Jean since she set foot in five years to assist his spouse Sarto Parent, director of the swimming component to Lake St. John. Before she became president of the TILM Cathy Bourgeois held the same function in Magog.

“We supported each other. When started our journey in Magog, Sarto had the same role with me. I have my grades to be a judge and I have already performed this function in the Lac St-Jean, “says magogoise.

If it still feels lucky this year to work alongside the best marathon runners in open water in Lac Saint-Jean in late July, the fact remains that Cathy Bourgeois is nostalgic knowing that Magog will not be at the agenda swimmers this summer.

“We will not rewrite history and everything has been said about our decision to back down in 2016. But it remains that it is bad for the sport, especially if the event is not a new group to take notes in Magog. Usually with an airline ticket, the swimmers were in Québec for two marathons. This year it will be a single short-term this will discourage some of these athletes to return to Quebec for just a competition. There is no damage this year in Lac Saint-Jean, but it will not be long. There is also the marathons that decrease on the Grand Prix circuit. It’ll take something to give some strength to swim in open water, especially long distance, and ensure its future. Not just for two or three years, but long term, “comments Cathy Bourgeois.

This year, Cathy Bourgeois therefore confine its role in the international crossing of Lake St-Jean. “I’ll do it with the same passion as in the past. I’m not jealous of what happens in Lac Saint-Jean. I want to contribute to their success. And I’m also for these great athletes that are long distance open water swimmers. The great unknown that so much deserves. ”

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