Catherine Deneuve was immediately taken to a hospital, why hide the fact that “It requires…”

Катрин Денев срочно увезла «скорая», причину скрывают: «Она требует…»

France was urgently hospitalized to one of the legends of cinema, the cause of the incident hide

As reported Politeka, stated in Telgram channel “Before anyone else. Well, almost”.

“The famous French actress, 76-year-old Catherine Deneuve in the night of Wednesday hospitalized in one of the Paris hospitals. Accurate diagnosis of film not called, as the name of the medical institution”, — is spoken in the message.

At the same time, journalists say that “According to our information, she was hospitalized in a serious condition, which requires a deep examination.”

As previously reported, the famous actor Alexander Semchev hospitalized, he is in serious condition. According to preliminary information, the man was diagnosed with a heart problem. Doctors take action to restore the heart rhythm of the actor.

Катрин Денев срочно увезла «скорая», причину скрывают: «Она требует…»

Recall that just a month ago Semchev noticed in public very exhausted – he rapidly lost weight from 100 kilograms. Physicians suspect that the heart problems occurred against a background of heavy loads.

Earlier it was reported that a new appearance has ruined the career of a popular Russian actor.

Famous for roles charismatic fat, 50-year-old Alexander Semchev has lost 100 pounds and was left without a job.

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Note, most often the actor playing the corrupt officials or high-ranking law enforcement officers. However, this year the Semchev radically changed her image: she lost 100 pounds and looked younger than his years. Now Alexander is worried that the weight loss will affect his professional activities.

“I changed the type, but the inside remained the same. Will see how it goes. Time will show,” shared the actor.

Despite the lull in the movie, which began after his weight loss, in the theatre he was always welcome.

“We have not so many overweight people. In spite of the mass in which he was, Sasha could easily make things… a little dance, for example,” — says Director Vladimir Vinogradov.

Previously, the actor weighed over 180 pounds. To decide on the transformation made him health problems, namely diabetes type II diabetes and sleep apnea.

Катрин Денев срочно увезла «скорая», причину скрывают: «Она требует…»

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