How Common is Air Conditioning in Russia?

Calm black female relax on couch under air conditioner

Air conditioning is a necessity in Russia, and the majority of homes have an air conditioner. It’s common to see people walking around with small portable air conditioners on their back or chest during the summer months. It feels like you’re living in a refrigerator when it’s cold outside but can be … Read more

What Are the Origins of the Cyrillic Alphabet?

An image of Cyrillic typewriter

Alphabet is undeniably vital in human lives. With this, people can communicate and build a relationship. It also reflects the culture of every race due to its process of discovery and how it was developed. With the alphabet, anyone can express their emotions, learn new things, meet new people, and discover everything, … Read more

Vladimir Putin: Life, Influence and Power

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is renowned as one of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders. Starting his career as a KGB intelligence officer, he rose the ranks and became a politician, held vital government positions before eventually being appointed as Prime Minister in 1999. Since then, Putin has taken a stronghold of Russia’s … Read more

Fascinating Things You Don’t Know About Russia

Most people think of Russia as an extremely cold country that is full of bears and people drinking vodka almost everywhere. While vodka and bears are really abundant in the country, there are much more that Russia offers to locals and tourists that make it a very interesting country to travel to … Read more

Things That Make Russia Truly Unique in the World

colorful and tall buildings, small lake in the center, people walking, several cars on the other side

Russia is named as the Largest Country in the world with an area of 17,098,242 square meters. It is huge up to the point that travelling in this country could be very hard. However, once you know all the unique and fascinating facts about this country, you will surely be enticed to visit … Read more

The History of Moscow Metro

The History of Moscow Metro

Imagining Moscow today without its metro system can be a daunting task. With over 200 stations stretching more than 300 kilometers, it has been an integral part of the people’s everyday life. However, it’s not a means of transporting to a location, as the rail system is a destination itself. In fact, … Read more