Castorama : offshoring in Poland, hundreds of jobs are under threat

Towards a social plan in Castorama.


Concern among employees. Hundreds of positions are currently at risk at Castorama and Brico Dépôt (Kingfisher group), especially due to the grouping in Krakow, Poland, activities-accounting and management control of the subsidiaries of the british group, it was learnt on Monday from union sources. According to FO and the CGT, the general manager of the Kingfisher group, the French Véronique Laury, announced last Wednesday, in a video released in all of the companies, this consolidation in a shared services centre in Krakow.

In Castorama, the FO evaluates to “about 500” the number of jobs threatened in total, with “200 to 250” at the headquarters of Templemars (Nord), has indicated its representative Jean-Paul Gathier. “They tell us that these trades (accounting, management control, editor’s NOTE) will disappear by the end of 2018 “, with a negotiation on a backup plan of employment (PSE) provided for “early 2018,” he said. “The perimeter has not been made “, but “several hundred” positions are under threat with some members of the administrative staff in the store in which the job cuts were ” already settled “, said of his side Nicolas Euzenot (CGT). “And we feel that the ads are not finite. “At Brico Dépôt,” 40 to 50 people are expected to be impacted, ” according to Patrice Herrerías (FO). “It is not yet clear whether the administrative staff in the store”, he added.

The unions wind standing

Requested, the executive of Castorama had not responded Monday by the end of the day. The CGT denounces the ” policy of defatting to earn money on the reduction of the wage bill to give more and more to shareholders “, while FO castigates restructuring “sacrificing” employees “are seen as costs” and ” requested to become a low cost “. “After the professions of accounting, management control, other occupations are likely to disappear “, is also afraid of the FO. Kingfisher announced in September that a decline of 8.1% of its first-half net profit to 295 million pounds (€332 million), he has put on the account of problems of supply of some products and the sales still low in France. According to FO, Castorama, has 13,000 employees and 103 stores and Brico Dépôt, its ” little brother low cost “, 121 points of sale.

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