Cash registers will be mandatory: what will happen to Ukrainian entrepreneurs, the details of the new law

Кассовые аппараты станут обязательными: что ждет украинских предпринимателей, детали нового закона

On 10 September the Verkhovna Rada voted for the introduction of a number of laws on the application of physical persons-entrepreneurs cash registers (RRO)

Who will touch the new laws, announced the publication of Wave with reference to AIN.UA.

According to the law, the use of cash registers will be mandatory for FOP 2-4 groups. In particular, the use of PPO is essential for online stores. A FOP with an annual turnover of up to one million UAH will be in a transition period until 2021.

To whom now it is necessary to apply RRO?

Individuals-entrepreneurs on a single tax 2-4 groups with an income of more than one million hryvnias per year, who work in the fields of catering, trade, services.

How to change the situation?

Will be no restrictions on the amount of income.

When will the changes occur?

From the beginning of 2021 FOP 2-4 groups will need to apply the PPO, regardless of amount of income. Entrepreneurs nine categories will need to comply with the law from the date of its entry into force (six months after publication).

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Who will be obliged to apply RRO?

Under the laws gets the business entities in trade, public catering and services, which carry out cash and/or cashless payment (using electronic means of payment, tokens, etc.) during the sale of goods.

Lawyers commented that the wording of the bill: “all FOP 2-4 groups regardless of the type of activity.” According to them, it just duplicates the information from the article 296 of the tax code of Ukraine and complements it with the exception of the types of activities and restrictions on the period (01 January to 31 December 2020).

Who is not covered by the new laws about the use of cash registers?

  • individuals-entrepreneurs on a single tax group 1;
  • the entities performing the cashless payment by transfer of money from the payer’s to the payee’s account, not using an electronic means of payment, tokens, payment receipts, etc.;
  • entities, the activity of which is absent in the Classifier of the state fiscal service (often manufacturers).