Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix : their divorce officially pronounced – Here

It’s official ! After 16 years of common life, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix have finally divorced. According to People magazine, the divorce was granted last Friday. In order to preserve their two children, Indiana, 13 years old, and Atticus, age 9, both former spouses have preferred to remain on good terms. For his part, Casey Affleck will have to pay alimony to his ex-girlfriend.

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Separated for several months, the two actors have yet lived a beautiful and long history. The lovebirds had met in 1995, thanks to Joaquin Phoenix, the brother of Summer. Five years more, They began a romantic relationship. Married in 2006, they have started a family by welcoming their two children. But the image of the family “ideal” was soon shattered…

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After several years of a romance without any cloud, their relationship begins to beat of the wing. The media announce their separation citing different irreconcilable. Since then, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix are changing each of their side. Casey Affleck did not take them long to find love in the arms of an actress.

In fact, after winning the oscar in Manchester by the sea, it is displayed in the company Floriana Lima in the evening Vanity Fair, organized after the ceremony. Since, all the two flow happy days and unveil frequent shots of them on the social networks. For its part, Summer Phoenix is more discreet on the web.

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