Case Saad Lamjarred : the French, who accused him of rape book, a testimony is chilling – Here

A year ago, the singer moroccan Saad Lamjarred had been jailed for rape. His alleged victim, Laura Prioul, book today to his testimony.

“I called Laura Prioul, I am 21 years old and a year ago now that I have been physically attacked, beaten and raped. “This is how begins the testimony that this young woman has delivered Sunday on YouTube. A year ago, she had filed a complaint against the singer and friend of Gad Elmaleh, Saad Lamjarred. If she has never discussed this case publicly – “I was scared,” she says – Laura Prioul decided to break the silence. In this 15 minute video, the young woman returned on the evening of October 25, 2016, during which she claims to have been raped by the artist of morocco.

“I was in a nightclub on Paris. It was very nice. We spent a super evening, ” she remembered. Laura Prioul then continued the evening with him in a hotel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. “We were so close, we both hugged each other. And he wanted me réembrasser, and I turned my head and it has not rained. I’ve been hit a blow. I wanted to defend myself and that person I was again struck. […] This person ended up raping me “, she recounted, revealing images of his injuries. He would have then tried to strangle her and would have tried to abuse it a second time, she told. “I was very scared for my life. “

Rescued by the staff of the hotel after you have managed to escape, Laura Prioul has filed a complaint in stride. Saad Lamjarred, who had denied the facts, has been indicted for aggravated rape and voluntary violence worsened, before being imprisoned at the end of his police custody, on October 28, 2016. Medical tests had revealed the presence of alcohol and cocaine in his blood.

Released under electronic bracelet after five months spent in detention, the crooner moroccan had been indicted a second time in Paris after a complaint filed by a woman of 28 years. It said it had also been raped, which the singer denies. Always subject to judicial control, it was able last month to get rid of his electronic bracelet. It was, however, the prohibition to leave the French territory.

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