Carriages banned in Montreal this summer

ville-montreal-interdira-caleches-eteThe City of Montreal will ban carriages in Montreal this summer, the time to review the rules in place. 24 licensed teams can no longer circulate from Tuesday in the streets of Old Montreal this summer, a prospect that worries the utmost horse owners.

Mayor Denis Coderre announced this morning a one-year moratorium. “We must protect the horses,” said he said. Montreal will use this break to rewrite all the rules in place. The new rules will be adopted in spring 2017.

“I was not happy with the way things worked. The best way is to start from scratch, “the mayor said.

Currently, 24 carriages were allowed to circulate. Their number will fall to zero this summer in an order to be published shortly. Coachmen and carriages owners will be reimbursed for their license they had already bought in 2016, $ 550 and $ 120 per carriage box.

“We will professionalize the function check. We will establish an interpretation center [horse] and stable as it should be to ensure optimal conditions for the horses, “said the mayor.

Montreal does not seem to definitively turn its back on carriages since the mayor has indicated that they are part of the identity of the city. However, it was enough sad stories coming out about the treatment of these animals.

“We will take the time to ensure they have a real political horse in Montreal. The horses are a party of the identity of our city. We must protect the horses and make sure it is done properly. ”

“I’m doing what my horses? “The news caught by surprise horse owners. Judy Walden, who has a carriage and two horses found this unfair decision. “I have the impression that charged to all owners for problems caused by a single tick. If a taxi is involved in an accident, it does not prohibit all taxis to ride, “she is unworthy.

Ms. Walden wonders what will become of his animals, saying it does not have the means to feed them if deprived of income. “How am I going to work if I did not permit? We will do anything with horses? In the spring, we are all poor because we have not made money in the winter. How the horses are kept if they are not working? They will go to the slaughterhouse? We just take away my livelihood, my work and the lives of my horses, “laments Judy Walden.

Recall that the SPCA is opposed to the presence of horse-drawn carriages in the city, saying they do not have their place. Besides the danger of accidents, proximity of vehicles is considered bad for these animals who inhale their exhaust, irritating the lungs, said the organization of animal protection.

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