Carol blew up the network in a Frank way: “o Lord, all wet!”

Кароль взорвала сеть откровенным образом: "Господи, вся мокрая!"

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol lately it never ceases to amaze fans with his photos and videos on the page in Instagram

Singer often shares with fans not only staged shots and bright shots from photo shoots, but also quotations, reflections, and important observations.

However, this time page stars in the social network Instagram appeared piquant shot where the artist decided to show itself in bold and at the same time — gentle manner.

Кароль взорвала сеть откровенным образом: "Господи, вся мокрая!"

This time Carol won the network a new portrait photo. Carol put the frame on which poses in an unusual way. Also not without a piquant zest. Ukrainian singer could very beneficial to emphasize your beauty.

The image turned out intriguing and very unusual. Fans came to a complete delight from picture star. They noted that can’t stop looking at Tina. Also fans said that Carol still has the talent to please your extraordinary photos and style. According to its users, Tina is very talented and her sensual pictures only attract, as they no vulgarity.

“My bed’s all wet! 🔥😍”, “When there is already the premiere of the English album and the film Former?🧐💁♀ app”, “lucky for some)”, “so beautiful the tendons in her arms bulging, very beautiful structure of the hands…OBOZHAAAYU😍”, “Girl from outer space 😍, tenderness,😍”, “my God you are so beautiful, such its😻💔”, “That look creeps up 💔😻”, “Awesome😍 the Most beautiful girl on this planet🤤❤”, “till my jaw opened . I can not say anything 😱😍”, “Tinaa, you got a short haircut?😱😍”, “it would be cool if you’d cut me up if I went 😍,” wrote the user.

Кароль взорвала сеть откровенным образом: "Господи, вся мокрая!"

Recall that Carol has puzzled fans of the candid frame.

As reported Politeka, Tina drove fans crazy seductive outfit.

Also Politeka wrote that Tina “took away” her husband, Katya Osadchaya