Capitals dethroned the forefront

apres-quatre-bonnes-manches-lanceur(Quebec) The Capitals have squandered the first place overall in the Can-Am League, by bowing 4-3 to the New Jersey Jackals at Municipal Stadium on Saturday. With this second consecutive defeat, Patrick Scalabrini troupe is reflected not only in 0.5 game head but saw his series sequence victorious end at eight.

The Jackals had not yet arrived in Quebec on Friday that already manage Capitals announced this kind of disaster scenario. Before building on the end of its rotary launchers, he expected strong opposition to the solid formation of Joe Calfapietra. And that is what his men encountered so far.

“Because launchers twinning, I was not super confident of sweeping the series. I was hoping to win it. Now back 0-2, it is hoped fly last Sunday. I knew it would be tough. Today, it’s been a very tight match which could have gone our way. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I hope we will do more tomorrow, “suggested Scalabrini.

Although they lacked opportunism, the Capitals were doing pretty well, early in the game. Things began to go wrong when starting their Nate Roe began to experience difficulties in fifth.

The pillows were filled when Jordan Mills has taken in succession with one out. This did not happen to limit the damage, allowing three runs on a sacrifice fly by Eddie Newton, optional Art Charles and single of Mike Schwartz.

The reply was quick Capitals, while local reduced the deficit to 3-2 in the sixth, thanks to a sacrifice fly Maxx Tissenbaum and a double Yeicok Calderon.

In the end eighth, a single by Adam Ehrlich, while the bases loaded, allowed tenants Municipal Stadium to level the score 3-3.

In their while batting in the ninth, the Jackals, however, struck the final blow, with a simple Rylan Sandoval.

Take the lead

“Roe launched first four flawless innings. This is a guy who seems to hit a wall after a while, but it always starts well. He kept us in the game. The guys were able to come from behind. [The Jackals] made it just a little bit more than us. Early in the game, we had opportunities against their lesser pitcher [Matt Parish] and we were not able to enjoy these moments, “Scalabrini estimated.

The manager now hopes that his people will rise quickly and finish the series on a high note for the final game of three Sunday.

“We will play to finish the series in mind, because if we win, we fall back to the forefront. Just that’s important. And especially at home in front of our fans. If we can finish the series against New Jersey in mind, we will be very satisfied. Especially that confronts them again soon … ”

The left-handed pitcher Mac Acker (5-2, 3.30) will be given the start in the Capital. He will face right-hander Matt Loosen (4-2, 4.87). “It was one of our most consistent pitchers this year. It was he who gave the most quality starts. I expect that it gives a ton of taken him to fight. If using behind, it will give us a good start, I believe, “said Scalabrini.

On the diamond …
Despite its poor performance on Friday, the manager Patrick Scalabrini has not thrown in the towel with his starting pitcher Deryck Hooker (2-3, 6.44), who will get another start in five days. “Their next departures at Roe and it will test” … Although he knows a beautiful sequence batting, Jonathan Malo is always injured his shoulder. The infield will have to undergo a cortisone infiltration Monday and will later be placed on the disabled list for a period of one week. Capitals hope he will feel well enough on his return to the game to take his place at shortstop … Under his outstanding start to the season, the stopper Jon Fitzsimmons was named player of the month of May and June at the Capital. During this period, Ontario’s 24 year old has not granted any point in addition to removing 30 strikeouts in 20 innings …

Knecht strikes in a safe place
Best in the rectangle of his batting Saturday Marcus Knecht (3 in 5 picture) continued, despite the two defeats of the weekend, to travel regularly on trails.

“Mike Provencher and I work a lot together. We have a good relationship. It helps me remember and focus on my timing. It pays. I can hit the rapids. It’s nice to play at the moment, “agreed outfielder, who has a batting average of 297.

Whether they intend to finish the series against the Jackals in beauty, the Capitals will still need his stick on Sunday. “We played against a good team that is able to hit the ball. We came back from the back Saturday, but it was not enough. They scored immediately. I take my hat off. It will make them their own coin Sunday. […] Every game is a big game against these guys. We will probably see in the playoffs. Every game will be a victory hard won, because we have a good team too. ”

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