Candidate clones are becoming more technology disclosed the dirty details

Кандидатов-клонов становится все больше, раскрыты грязные технологии: подробности

In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada the candidate is running for 161-onefamilyC

On Friday, July 12, the press service of Committee of voters of Ukraine (CVU).

After analyzing the lists in single-member electoral districts found that out of 199 counties in the 48 among the candidates was the so-called clones that have the same surname with more ranking politicians.

“Most namesakes in the Reis №133 (Odessa region, Odessa city) — 9 people. In particular, 4 people with the last name Baransky, 2 studies, 2 — tantsyura. On the same district the candidate is running for Alexander Zelinsky, who is an independent candidate, but in the biography indicates that the works of the servant of the People SEE.

In ito 137 (Odesa region, Podolsk city) and OIO 34 (Dnipropetrovsk region, village tsarychanka) was for 8 people-namesakes,” — said in kiu. So, in OIO No. 137 run three candidates with the last name Goncharenko, two name Klimov, one — Klimov, two with the name of Meconin.

Кандидатов-клонов становится все больше, раскрыты грязные технологии: подробности

In OIO No. 34 was two people with the surname Isayev, two Kravchenko, two — Kresin, two Black. In OIO 92 (Kyiv oblast, the city of Uzin) running 7 candidates-namesakes, OIO No. 33 (Dnipropetrovsk region, Krivoy Rog) — 6 people. So, in OIO No. 92 was 4 people with the last name Gudzenko, 3 — Ferenec. In OIO No. 33 — two candidates with the surname Babenko, one Wheelwright, one Wheelwright, two of Ladenko.

As is known, the use of candidate clones in the elections is a manipulative technology, which aims to take votes from more than rating candidates.However, to refuse to register them is impossible, even if one of them is a clone of the ranking local politicians.

More and more members to steal for his campaign style of the party of President Vladimir Zelensky.

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For such candidates in people’s deputies, the volunteers created a website ZeOpark where managed to get the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes, reports the press service of political power.

Кандидатов-клонов становится все больше, раскрыты грязные технологии: подробности

At the headquarters of the party “servant of the people” call to inform about the “candidates of the clones” in single-member districts through the established website.

Recall, published the ratings of political parties in elections to the Rada.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky undertook to correct a major mistake Poroshenko.

Also Politeka wrote what the laws of “servant of the people” will move in the first place.