Cancer Zavorotnyuk: Oncology found another star of the series about the nanny, “is a curse”

Рак у Заворотнюк: онкологию нашли у еще одной звезды сериала про няню, «это проклятие»

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was not the only main heroine of the series about a nanny who had cancer

The star of the popular American TV series “the nanny”, which aired on TV in 1993, Francine Dresher was suffering from cancer after the completion of this project, and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. This is reported by Russian media.

The article says that the evil fate which subsequently spread to the popular Russian sitcom “My fair nanny” and his actors, began with the American TV series. So, Zhanna Friske, which participated in the casting for the main role in the Russian project, four years ago died of a glioblastoma. Died of cancer and Lyubov Polishchuk, and Paul Serdyuk 20 years bald that was caused by severe stress.

Рак у Заворотнюк: онкологию нашли у еще одной звезды сериала про няню, «это проклятие»

As for the American actress Francine Dresher, it is the main role of the governess received two Emmy nominations and two Golden globe. Unfortunately, her success was marred by illness. Right after in 2000, the series was finished, Francine was forced to suspend his acting career for cancer of the uterus.

“I just got divorced and moved to a new place, it was so hard. Before that I had it all: a beautiful home, wonderful friends and a husband with whom together we have created a “Nanny”. But I was miserable. When you carry out the dream, you emptied. That’s why I decided to change my life. And suddenly, the doctors ‘ verdict,” wrote the actress in the book “Cancer is a schmuck”.

The actress spoke to eight doctors over two years, but only one managed to cure the cancer without surgery.

Рак у Заворотнюк: онкологию нашли у еще одной звезды сериала про няню, «это проклятие»

“Dr. long asked me if I want to have children, and eventually dissuaded from surgery and advised to take herbal treatment Chinese herbs. At that moment I decided not to visit gynaecologists and bought a huge bag of various herbs. I drank infusions for two years, and my body cleansed. So I defeated the most dangerous disease and I want to tell everyone about it. The power is in ourselves, and it is the best medicine” – confessed the actress.

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After Dreser recovered, she created a Fund to support women who suffer from cancer. The main objective of the Fund is to ensure the timely diagnosis of dangerous diseases.

We will remind, the daughter of a terminally ill car crash was set up.

As reported Politeka, a poignant appeal Zavorotnyuk blew up the network.

Politeka also wrote that the patient’s cancer Zavorotnyuk ready for a new challenge.