Cancer Zavorotnyuk on the verge, stopped moving, and see his family: it’s scary

Больная раком Заворотнюк на грани, перестала двигаться и узнавать родных: это страшно

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk ceased to respond to the surroundings and does not notice what is happening around

According to recent reports, popular Russian actress slipped into a so-called state of stupor. This medical diagnosis to patients who do not respond to the surroundings and not notice anything around. In this state oppression of the mind that causes a person to sleep constantly.

It is known that the car crash can not move independently, so all procedures are taken with hospital gurneys. At the moment, doctors medical center, which observed the actress, trying to avoid its transition from prekomatosnoe condition in a coma.

Note that this Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was discharged from a Moscow hospital where she was treated for cancer of the brain.

Больная раком Заворотнюк на грани, перестала двигаться и узнавать родных: это страшно

The actress was taken from medical practices “Evropeiskii medical center” where she was treated last month. Car crash closed the service by MHI and completed a medical event in a hospital.

The actress was released a few days ago, but she is still in serious condition. According to Mash, the treatment of Anastasia will continue elsewhere. Native Zavorotnyuk told doctors that will continue treatment in another medical facility.

After it became known that the actress has developed a paresis of the right side of the body.

On Tuesday, October 8, it was reported that the star of the series “My fair nanny” was discharged from the hospital. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is struggling for many weeks with cancer.

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Famous oncologist Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Russian cancer research center them. N. N. Blokhin Igor Dolgopolov commented on the statement of the star.

Больная раком Заворотнюк на грани, перестала двигаться и узнавать родных: это страшно

He noted that such a disease, as the actress, is treated only surgically. If this is not possible, the person supported medical methods.Extract Zavorotnyuk can only be explained by two reasons. In the first case, it may be a forced break in treatment. It can recommend that the doctors post-test and evaluation of the dynamics of the disease in the body. In the second case, it may be associated with treatment failure and lack of progress.

Recall that the oncologist handed down a disappointing verdict for car crash: “there is only 48 hours.”

As reported Politeka with cancer Zavorotnyuk happened what everybody was afraid: “can not…”.

Also Politeka wrote that cancer Zavorotnyuk stunned by their appearance.