Cancer Zavorotnyuk came out of coma: doctors have dispelled all hope, “That would be a miracle”

Больная раком Заворотнюк вышла из комы: врачи развеяли все надежды, «Это было бы чудом»

The doctors commented that cancer Anastasia Zavorotnyuk came out of the coma

Famous Russian actress was in intensive care in critical condition after she was diagnosed with cerebral edema. On September 18 the media appeared information that the actress came out of the coma, but the doctors treated it with suspicion.

Experts say that car crash could come out of the coma, if her condition was due only to swelling of the brain. This was told by the doctor anesthesiolog N. A. Akhtyamova in commentary to one of the Russian media. However, she drew attention to the fact that the status of the artist is associated with other serious complications.

“From a deep coma to get out if it was caused by swelling of the brain. As the result of medical treatment, swelling was stopped, and the man came out of the coma. But if a coma is caused by a huge tumor that occupies the largest part of the brain, there is little chance that such profound coma may resolved itself. Otherwise it would be a miracle”, — said the expert.

Больная раком Заворотнюк вышла из комы: врачи развеяли все надежды, «Это было бы чудом»

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk already own breathing, her assigned guard from the attention of the media.

Cancer Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is now at the center of attention of all media, even her colleagues and friends do not know accurate information about her condition. Because of the silence relatives of actress journalists attempt to find out information about the state of her health.

48-year-old Anastasia is now in an elite private clinic in the center of Moscow because of the noise around her disease to her focused attention of reporters. On the territory of the clinic several times tried to enter the crew.

After that, the hospital staff had to put Laundry on the floor and separately into the chamber, where is Anastasia.

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Больная раком Заворотнюк вышла из комы: врачи развеяли все надежды, «Это было бы чудом»

As it became known, despite the serious condition of the main heroine of “My fair nanny”, she came to my senses and can breathe.

Recall, Baskov told the terrible about a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk.

As reported Politeka, view a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk before and after his illness shocked everyone.

Also Politeka wrote that her husband was a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk going to leave her.