Cancellation games Police and Fire: high bills

juillet-dernier-maire-montreal-denisThe cancellation of the World Police and Fire Games which were to be held in Montreal in 2017 cost $ 6.2 million to Quebec’s metropolis, which is trying to recover part. Ready to take over Toronto tries for its part to minimize financial risks by presenting a much tighter budget to organize this competition.

A document obtained by The Press under the Access to Information Act indicates that the City of Montreal had already made ​​several payments to the organizing committee in announcing the cancellation of the Games because of the boycott campaign the firefighters union.

The city paid $ 200,000 in 2011 to present his candidacy. Payments of $ 650,000 and to $ 530,000 were subsequently made in 2013 and 2014. Another contribution of 4.8 million was subsequently carried out in 2015.

The City of Montreal says it will try to recover some of these 6.2 million. “The payment of financial support does not mean that the money was spent. The City will quickly meet the organization to recover the amounts that have not been incurred, “wrote the social diversity of service and the City’s sports.

However, it was only in September that the city will know how much she could recover, once completed the process of dissolution of the organizing committee.

In addition to these 6.2 million paid from 2011 to 2015, Montreal had also budgeted for a sum of 2 million that could have been paid to the organizing committee “if no other funding source was available, particularly because of refusal of grant applications. ” The financial support of Ottawa had indeed proved much less than expected. While a contribution of 5.5 million was expected from the federal, only 1.8 million had been granted.

Tourism Montreal, the majority of the funding comes from the lodging tax paid for by tourists, for his part said to have paid $ 965,000 to the Games.

The organization also says it will evaluate it later if some of the money can be recovered.

Toronto less spendthrift

Part of the funds spent by Montreal will be helpful in Toronto, trying to save the edition 2017 Police and Fire Games by welcoming.

In a paper presented this week to elect the Queen City, officials explain that Quebec’s metropolis has paid most of the fees charged by the American Federation governing the competition. US $ 800,000 (just over 1 million CAN) normally required, Toronto will have to pay only $ 175,000 CDN.

Toronto says he wants to show a greater financial prudence in the presentation of the Games. To limit the financial risks, the administration of Mayor John Tory decided to cap the event budget to 14.2 million, far from the 20 million provided in Montreal.

The gap in the budget is primarily explained by the fact that Toronto is willing to invest much less. The City provides only 3 million, while Montreal had committed $ 7.4 million, plus a contribution of 1.6 million Tourisme Montreal.

Also, before confirming it officially gets the Games, Toronto is awaiting confirmation of funding from the federal and Ontario. “If the federal and provincial governments do not support their funding, the event will not take place,” write the Queen City officials.

The organization of these Games, to be in just one year – from 23 June to 2 July 2017 – do not worry Toronto, with its experience with the Pan Am Games last summer. All sports facilities are up to date and ready to welcome 10,000 athletes expected.

Smaller anticipated benefits

Toronto also show much more cautious than Montreal for anticipated benefits of the Games. While Quebec’s metropolis estimated that the competition could generate benefits 101 million, the Queen City evokes rather a sum of 55 million.

This assessment is based on the results of the latest games. The organizers of the competition that took place last summer in Fairfax, near Washington, assessed the impact 84 million US, while those of the Games held in 2013 in Belfast, Ireland, the figures were 25 million pounds (48 million Cdn).

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