Canceled? From Zelensky made a sharp statement on the Election code, “a great shame”

Отменят? У Зеленского выступили с резким заявлением по Избирательному кодексу, "большой позор"

From Zelensky hesitant to sign new Electoral code

The representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk believes that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Electoral code violation of the rules, so the Office of the President will study it carefully before you sign it, transfers UKRINFORM.

Отменят? У Зеленского выступили с резким заявлением по Избирательному кодексу, "большой позор"

“Will he be signed? Of course, we will analyze. Because now we see the violation of Rules in the making. We already see now what he called a matter of honor of the Verkhovna Rada, turned into a great shame,” remarked Stepanchuk.

Also the representative of the head of state reminded that the Electoral code was adopted only after 17 revote.

“They took and gave birth to the Electoral code, which practically no one has seen and not read. When someone asks me what I have to do to the Election code, I can’t say. You know, the electoral code, know 2.4 thousand amendments, and that the vote of the deputies — I do not know. Some decision-making system is very interesting “, — said Ruslan Stefanchuk.

We will remind that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the second reading adopted the new electoral code with open lists.

Отменят? У Зеленского выступили с резким заявлением по Избирательному кодексу, "большой позор"

Document after a series of failed votes was supported by 230 MPs.

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One of the authors of this bill is the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy.

The act provides for the use of the electoral system, which allows you to personalize the vote (open lists of candidates), which requires the introduction of regional constituencies.

The same electoral system is proposed to apply also to elections of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblast councils and city councils of the cities in which the number of voters exceeds 90 thousand people (these cities are regional centers, as well as several other cities of regional value).

At the elections of the mayor of such cities is proposed to use the electoral system of absolute majority.

It is also envisaged to improve the legal regulation of election campaigning. The law clarifies the concept of campaigning and the forms of its implementation. In addition, you can organize requirements for the activities of the media in informing the society about the electoral process and their participation in the campaign.

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Also, we wrote that experts have predicted leaders of the parliamentary race.

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