Canada Day celebrations and in time!

aidee-sa-famille-associee-carol(Lac-Brome) in Lac-Brome, Canada Day is one of the traditions. Activities remain the same from year to year and that is precisely what people search, depending on what the Eastern Voice has been found on site. Despite the gray, windy weather, the regulars were meeting Saturday at Lions Park.

“It’s been 34 years I come every year,” says Jessica Bedard, whom the festival brings back childhood memories. What the festival-like the most? The variety of activities for children. Inflatable games, face painting, a small farm and music: it does not need more to meet the families!

Same speech for Jessica Brown, whose dog was involved in the traditional dog show. “I always enjoy when there is in the world who volunteers like that, a beautiful community was” noted with pride the mother family. This is the zootherapist Jerri Burguss that animated the business, very popular with children each year.

Tight knit community

The little Skyler, she came out great vainqueure bicycle parade. Like everyone else on the site, she knows chief organizer, Judge Shelley. “She is 4 years old, she can come to my room!” Launches the resident of Knowlton, who owns a nursery. She finds happiness with these young people around the small farm, which also belongs to him.

“At Knowlton is very traditionnal things,” says Shelley Judge. “People expect that, I think. They expect their free hot dogs, they expect dog costumes … Honestly, it really is a cut and paste “says the organizer, whose task is correspondingly easier. Aided by his family and his partner Carol-Lynn McGovern, Shelley takes care of the party for 15 years. All generations gathered there.

“That’s the square dancers,” notes organizer, to the sound of country music from the tent. “They are old, old, old, that’s so cute!” If she exclaims about the dancers. Line dancing experiencing the same success year after year.

Snub to the temperature

Friday night, Shelley had to take the decision to cancel or not the event due to the weather. She chose to trust in Mother Nature. “Not all traditions would not have taken place, and that’s important,” insists the woman with a thousand hats.

When The Eastern Voices spoke with the organizer in the middle of the afternoon, it was convinced that beyond 1200 people attend the show of fireworks at the stroke of 22 pm . The sum of $ 12,000 was invested for 13 stations fireworks color the sky overlooking the soccer field. “It is really impressive for a small town with a small budget”, says Shelley Judge.

For all celebrations take place, $ 16,000 were necessary. A $ 5 was requested for parking in exchange for the range of free activities. The balance of the funding came from sponsorships and donations, the organizer said. “On Monday, he was missing me $ 2,500. I managed to have it with small gifts, here and there. It was hitting daycare is for Shelley! “She said, grateful to the people of his hometown.

Preparations for Canada Day 2017 will resume in January next year.

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