Canada Davie shipyard lays off 72 workers

the-entrance-of-the-davie(Quebec) The completion of work on two ships of the Coast Guard is not good news for Canada Site Davie workers.

The Sun has learned that the leadership of the Lévis shipyard proceeded to the temporary layoff of 72 employees.

Workers who were working to rebuild a youth and CCGS Henry Larsen CCGS Earl Grey.

“While we are pleased to have successfully completed the refit of two ships of the Coast Guard, the CCGS Henry Larsen CCGS Earl Grey, this unfortunately means that until we get other work, we will lay off 72 employees who worked on these programs, “indicates the direction of Canada Davie shipyard in an explanatory memorandum obtained by the Sun.

Nobody in Davie has wanted to give other details or specify the duration of the layoff of 72 employees.

Return to work, obviously, is related to the new contracts.

“We soumissionnons constantly on new work, including the refit of two ships of the Coast Guard,” said the informative note. “We also made seven proposals to the Canadian government for military ships and vessels of the Coast Guard whose needs are urgent and we are doing everything possible to accelerate the process.”

1,300 employees

Davie Canada provides a livelihood to more than 1,300 workers.

The direction of the union of workers of shipyard Lauzon (CSN) was not able on Friday to comment on the company’s decision.

More details to come…

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