Camping Paradise : Ariane Brodier reveals how her pregnancy was hidden on the screen – Here

Pregnant, Ariane Brodier played a character who was not. The production of Camping Paradise has used a number of subterfuges to hide her pregnancy on screen.

For the past few years, the departures are linked to the Camping Paradise. After Jennifer Lauret and Princess Erika in 2012, it was the turn of Aurélie Konaté to leave the fiction at TF1… countered his counter in the last year. But since last week, viewers have made the acquaintance of Juliette, the new head of sport at the Campsite, interpreted by an Ariane Brodier. “It is very difficult to introduce a new character in a series that has been there for years. The authors have had the idea, as for the guests, to create a plot around Juliette to find out who it is, ” explained the actress of 38 years TV Mag. A character who has been ” created for [it], drawing a bit of who [she is] “, she revealed. “I practice boxing, I am a fan of the sport [Juliette is an old boxing pro who missed his qualification for the Olympic Games, ed.]. Juliette is a girl who is very frank, very straight, which exècre the lie, that looks like me a lot. “

This, however, had not been intended by the production team, it was the pregnancy of Ariane Brodier. The young woman, revealed to the public by Operation seduction on M6, fifteen years ago, is expecting a child with the club rugby player Fulgence Ouedraogo. A moment of intense happiness, after a year, “emotionally complicated” punctuated by miscarriages. But during filming of the series, he had to hide that little belly fledgling, Juliette is a woman who has just left her husband after discovering that he was being cheated. “We managed to hide this for the episodes that have been filmed in June, July and September. It was more difficult for this last month, because I had a bogus apparent good “, she explained. On 9 October, it would post a nice photo of her putting out her new curves.

In the columns of the Parisian, she reveals the tactics used by the production : they are served ” balloons or framing a little tighter “. “A lot of actresses in Camping Paradise have had children, whether Jennifer Lauret, Géraldine Lapalus [the interpreter of Amandine Joubert, editor’s note]… And they have continued to run the series. The characters don’t get pregnant because he would need to be a history upstream, which is not obvious. But it is the very family-friendly production of TF1 fact that it is always a good news “, is it welcomed. And it is not she who will say the opposite.

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