Came the horrifying details from a survivor of “the basement of death” in Donbass: “Every night…”

Появились ужасающие подробности от переживших "подвалы смерти" на Донбассе: "Каждую ночь..."

The militants of the “Luhansk people’s Republic” has used torture against the Ukrainian prisoners in the Donbass

Every night the screams of their victims came from the basements of government departments. About it, said volunteer Victoria Kononova, who was captured after an unsuccessful attempt to deliver aid to the Ukrainian military.

In August 2014, a woman was in the basement of the Luhansk regional state administration, writes “Radio Freedom”.

“We have been in captivity for 98 days. Of these, more than 60 — that’s when Kornievskiy. We personally have not been touched, only drove to the polls. Everything that happened “in the basement” took place on the orders Koreiskogo. The fate of all people who were detained and were in the basement, decided to personally Kornievsky. The conditions were totally unsuitable. We were held in the former archive, someone kept in the boiler room. For “dill” was a separate camera – almost every night someone was beaten… Every night we heard screams of people being tortured. Those whom they killed will no longer be able to testify,” — said Kononov.

The woman who told the above, afraid, after the Amnesty for militants, which are forecast in the near future, she can meet such on the loose in Kiev. Especially the women are afraid Arkady Koreiskogo not sentenced for the torture and captivity of the people.

Появились ужасающие подробности от переживших "подвалы смерти" на Донбассе: "Каждую ночь..."

“In six months I can meet this man on the streets of Kiev. He can come here to “pressed” Infiniti to open a business under my house, and will be free to walk the streets of Kiev together with those whom he held and against whom abused”, – said the volunteer.

Появились ужасающие подробности от переживших "подвалы смерти" на Донбассе: "Каждую ночь..."

The shore is littered with corpses: the mysterious state of emergency has alarmed Ukraine, footage of the disaster

Of torture because of involvement in “dill” (as the locals call representatives of the Ukrainian army) was told by a former prisoner of the so-called LNR Alexander Zealous.

“I was dungeons Luhansk people’s Republic, and there met with Kornievskiy August 1, 2014. This man, acting as senior investigator “commandant LC” decided the fate of all within that basement,” said Zealous.

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Появились ужасающие подробности от переживших "подвалы смерти" на Донбассе: "Каждую ночь..."

“After a short questioning, and receiving no satisfactory answer, Arkady kornievskiy ordered to send me to the corner the camera… There I was beaten for 3 days. I was then transferred to a communal cell where I was held until September 2, 2014. Arkady kornievskiy to which I withdrew after a month, ordered me not to let go. But as the Lugansk regional hospital refused to accept me for treatment, the consorts I decided to apply the above to the chief commandant, who decided to let me go,” – said the victim.

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