Called trendy diets, which are dangerous for men

Названы модные диеты, которые опасны для мужчин

Scientists conducted a study and found that not all diets are equally beneficial for men and women

The stronger a field you can’t sit on a salt-free or low sodium chloride diet, because the abundance of “white death” prevents hypertension. This is the conclusion of the studies was American scientists from the University of Augusta.

According to experts, in the course of an experiment carried out on rodents, the test subjects during the week gave food with lots of salt. As a result of females, the pressure in the vessel increased by 10 millimeters of mercury, whereas males without modifications.

Названы модные диеты, которые опасны для мужчин

Scientists have found that females have more of the aldosterone hormone, which is responsible for the excretion of water and sodium. The higher the salt concentration, the less. In the end, the kidneys are connected, “deflating” the excess from the blood. And the abundance of salt thickens the blood vessels, which leads to the pressure rise.

However, this “salt-free” method is applicable only for certain groups of people. Further research showed that a fashion of a diet low in salt, and in certain cases lowered blood pressure and does not protect men from hypertension.

Previously, we reported that popular among stars and athletes diet is dangerous for health — it causes cancer and diabetes.

Nutritionists Hospital, Brigham women’s in Boston conducted a study that showed that the popular ketogenic diet is associated with the development of a number of dangerous violations in the body — although a reasonable approach, it can help to become slimmer. The arguments of the experts on the subject published in Science Alert.

Названы модные диеты, которые опасны для мужчин

Ketogenic diet is especially in demand among celebrities and athletes. This type of food was developed and initially used in the treatment of epilepsy in children, but eventually gained fame as an effective way to achieve harmony. The ketogenic diet is characterized by high fat, moderate protein and low — carbohydrate.

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