Called the products that can cure the cough and strengthen the heart

Названы продукты, которыми можно вылечить кашель и укрепить сердце

These products contain vitamins and minerals that can save you from many health problems

At the first symptoms of the disease do not just drink medicines and stuff your body different pills. In some cases, you can do without them, replacing pills with dried fruit. Dried fruit will help to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases. Nutritionists the nutritionists told about the healing properties of dried fruits.

Dried figs

Helps to get rid of the debilitating cough, and gives the cheeks a glow. This is increasing the level of iron in the blood. In the figs more than apples. Diuretic properties of figs are beneficial to the kidneys. And the members of the Fig calcium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, bromine, manganese, sulfur, vitamins A, C, B₁, B₂ help to work better and the digestive tract. For the cardiovascular system of figs is also important: in case of venous insufficiency it decreases blood coagulation, prevents the development of hypertension and calms the heartbeat is too frequent.

Названы продукты, которыми можно вылечить кашель и укрепить сердце

Dried apricots

This dried fruit is also good for the circulatory system. Substances that are included with dried apricots, expand and cleanse the blood vessels. Contained in dried apricots magnesium relieves spasms of the blood vessel wall. This improves the state of the body – blood flow is good works wonders. Becomes better the condition of the heart and kidneys, improving the brain power, improves memory. Anyone who needs to remember a large amount of information, nutritionist recommend eating about 50 grams of dried apricots every day.


Dried grapes due to its composition will help you to calm your nerves. The specialist considers it an excellent remedy for irritability, but warns that people with a predisposition to weight gain, raisins should be eaten in moderation due to the high content of sugar. However, there are a lot of nutrients. High potassium activates tissue regeneration and strengthens the cardiovascular system. For people suffering from anemia, raisins are also going to be the salvation.

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Dried prunes

This fruit is high in fiber, organic acids and minerals. This helps prune to improve metabolism, bowel function and normalize blood pressure. Also, it is good for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Названы продукты, которыми можно вылечить кашель и укрепить сердце

Dried pineapple

Dried pineapple preserves beneficial properties and helps maintain the tone, fight obesity and even prolong youth due to potassium and copper in its composition. A rare substance bromelain, contained in pineapples, is a complex of vegetable enzymes. He establishes the digestion and fights inflammation.

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