Called the product that can harm men

Назван продукт, который может навредить мужчинам

Avocado is familiar to us relatively recently, and is becoming increasingly popular

This is a unique representative of plant foods officially entered in the Guinness Book of records as the most nutritious fruit. About how to use it, said Svetlana FUS. About little-known properties of avocado known nutritionist wrote on his page in Instagram.

Men should eat avocado with caution, reports Clutch.

To include avocado in the male diet should be cautious. Regular use can lead to violations of hormonal levels in men lower levels of testosterone — the male sex hormone. This property of avocado can be used for men in the presence of hypertrophy and BPH. Scientists believe that consuming avocados may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Назван продукт, который может навредить мужчинам

It should be remembered that 100 grams of avocado, and half the pulp of one fruit, accounts for about 120 to 160 calories (depending on variety), mainly due to fat. Although its composition are very useful essential fatty acids -omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, abuse this fruit should not be. Indeed, in 100 g, about 15 g of fat, accounting for almost half of the daily requirement of vegetable fats.

The fruit has a soft creamy consistency. This allows you to include it in various dishes. Eat, usually raw. Used as a separate dish or in salads, sandwiches, sushi, fruit and vegetable smoothies.

In thermal processing — cooking, frying, baking avocado becomes bitter, unpleasant taste due to the tannin content. Significant content in avocado fat and high dietary fiber content give a good saturation in combination with vegetables.

Назван продукт, который может навредить мужчинам

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This fruit is useful to include in the diet during lent. Due to the rich mineral, fatty acid, vitamin content of avocado is a very healthy fruit.

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As reported Politeka, nutritionists spoke about the most effective diet: enjoy your food.

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