Called the main favorite of “Eurovision-2019”: who put the bookies

Назван главный фаворит "Евровидения-2019": на кого ставят букмекеры

May 14 Israel’s annual song contest “Eurovision”, in which Ukraine will not be able to participate for lack of an official winner of national selection

However, the Ukrainians will be able to enjoy the view of the competition for fun and interest, rooting for their foreign Pets. So, bookmaker William Hill thinks most likely to win from the Dutch by Duncan Lawrence with the song the Arcade, the odds of his winning to 3.25 to 1.

Назван главный фаворит "Евровидения-2019": на кого ставят букмекеры

Назван главный фаворит "Евровидения-2019": на кого ставят букмекеры

In second place was John Lundvik from Sweden, who will present the song Too Late for Love. Bookmakers estimate his chances of victory as 4.5-to-1. Also, the three potential winners included Frenchman Bilal Assani with the composition of the Roi. Odds on his win – one to 6.

Also the bookies mentioned Russian actor Sergey Lazarev, who will act with the song Scream and artist of Azerbaijan Chingiz Mustafayev song Truth their chances of winning the contest are evaluated as 1:8 and 1:9 respectively.

Earlier Igor Kondratyuk said that thinking about the “Eurovision-2019” and scandal around Maruv. Producer and presenter Igor Kondratyuk told how it was necessary to act to prevent the scandal around the national selection for the international song contest “Eurovision”.

Назван главный фаворит "Евровидения-2019": на кого ставят букмекеры

“Their main mistake was that after he refused the first party, then came *oops, sorry. That’s what I don’t understand them. But Yes, don’t understand and how you can prevent to participate the singer, who travels to Russia. You need to enable it? I would not have turned. But thinking is not for everyone…” he said.

Recall that Kondratyuk called those responsible for the failure of the Eurovision song contest: “we knew what the outcome”

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