Called the fruit, without which a healthy diet is meaningless

Назван плод, без которого здоровое питание теряет смысл

Taking the decision to go on a healthy diet, be sure to include in the diet of this product

About the dates started buzzing a few years ago, when the world caught a wave of healthy eating. These fruits have a useful alternative purchase sweets because their taste is really comparable to the taste of candy, but the health benefits much more.

1. Dates are incredibly nutritious product. They contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that allow for a long time to eat only them and be in great shape.

Назван плод, без которого здоровое питание теряет смысл

2. Due to the high content of glucose dates stimulate brain activity, helping to focus and to perform tasks much faster.

3. Dried dates are Champions among dried fruits on the content of polyphenols, which provide the body with antioxidant protection. But due to the vitamins C and E, also included in their composition, antioxidant activity increases.

4. Despite the obvious benefit to the body, dates are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes as they have high glycemic index.

5. Dates can be a great alternative to a variety of sweets, but keep in mind that one fruit contains about 23 calories, so do not abuse them, especially if you are trying to limit daily calorie consumption.

6. Dates are one of the most useful fruits that strengthen the heart. They also shows people suffering from hypertension. Regular consumption of dates will help to control the pressure and feel better.

7. In the fight against colds and infection dates will be simply indispensable helpers. Because they have the property to remove the phlegm and soothe even very bad cough.

8. Only a few dates will make up 27% of the daily value of potassium, 15% magnesium and 12% of vitamin B6. Be sure to include them in your diet if you are exposed to constant stress or feel chronic fatigue.

9. Transferring a serious illness or surgery, help the body recover more quickly, regularly eating dates, which are considered an excellent tonic and General tonic.

10. People suffering from kidney disease, you should pay special attention to dates, because they contribute to the conclusion from the body of excess fluid, which causes swelling.

Назван плод, без которого здоровое питание теряет смысл

11. Just one date and a glass of milk is able to provide the minimum human need in all the main amino acids, so if you decide to eat less meat.

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