Called the cause of the mysterious death of 26-year-old star of poker: “with the body found…”

Названа причина таинственной гибели 26-летней звезды покера: "Рядом с телом нашли..."

Became known details of the tragic death of 26-year-old star of eSports Lilies “LII” Novikova

Known gamers, lifeless body which was found in a bathtub, killed a few days before his birthday: 16 June Leah was about to turn 27 years old. It is reported by MK.

The tragedy occurred when the girl was drying her hair: with a dead body found plugged in the Hairdryer and the initial examination on the body of the deceased found traces of electric shock.

Recall that Novikov was found dead in his apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The girl’s parents, just outside of town and could not get through to her for a long time. Worried, they asked the neighbor that has the keys to the apartment of their daughter, to go in and see if everything was okay. A neighbor and found Novikov dead. The girl was in the bathroom with no clothes, no traces of violent action on the body was not.

Названа причина таинственной гибели 26-летней звезды покера: "Рядом с телом нашли..."

Novikov was the author of several popular blogs and video channels. She was in a professional eSports team and conducted master classes on the game of poker. Leah successfully participated in online gaming, including at the international level, and gained international fame.

Earlier it was reported that the Internet is gaining popularity in the last post the stars of eSports Lilia Novikova, who was found dead in the Russian capital.

Названа причина таинственной гибели 26-летней звезды покера: "Рядом с телом нашли..."

“The main mistake of the novice or why is it so difficult to beat the Micros. To be precise, one of the main. And it’s not even a skill, not a field, not Luka, although Luca also plays a big role. It is not the ability to decide! Yes! Since I I often stream, I notice that I look a lot of players who play micro limits and which cannot be broken. I’ve been thinking, what’s wrong? Because guys are far from stupid and are playing like a good idea. And it’s simple. I looked to him and saw a man today plays a SNG a few hours later, loading of MTT, and then all sat playing on Omaha, and in the end completes the cache. Do not be so,” wrote Leah on his page in Instagram. According to her, poker is a bottomless bottom.

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