Called seven signs that you have twins

Названы семь признаков того, что у вас родится двойня

To your first ultrasound to determine intrauterine fetal condition not smote you with news about the twins: watch yourself from the moment you learn that you are pregnant

The signs that indicate a multiple pregnancy, can be divided into two groups: feelings women medical facts Clatch writes.

Названы семь признаков того, что у вас родится двойня

Often it happens so that the ultrasound does not give a precise confirmation of what is expected more than one child.

In this case, there are several signs by which it can be determined.

Early morning sickness from the first day of absence of menstruation

If it’s a second pregnancy, you feel the difference will be easy. Typically, symptoms of toxicity in multiple pregnancies quite pronounced:

  • Weakness and constant sleepiness.
  • Nervousness, mood swings.
  • Nausea and vomiting, not only in the morning, but also throughout the day.
  • Excessive sweating and salivation.
  • Pronounced second stick

It is known that in the early days of delay of menstruation test strip shows pregnancy one baby mild strip. If the pregnancy is multiple, the stick is bright even in the early period.

Sudden weight gain

If a woman pregnant with one baby, gaining weight gradually throughout pregnancy, with twins, the appetite increases two times. Body weight during the first trimester typically increases by 5 kg.

The rapid growth of the abdomen

When a woman expects the addition of two kids, her belly begins to grow at an accelerated pace. Of course, this characteristic can be considered conditional, because each woman this process takes place individually, but a multiple pregnancy can give a large belly, which appears already in the first trimester.


If the family of the expectant mother or her husband have been cases of twins or twins, the risk of multiple pregnancies increases significantly. According to the rules of genetics, twins can be born only in a generation.

Early perturbations

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Названы семь признаков того, что у вас родится двойня

This is because children within mother’s grow pretty fast and they have to fight for every millimeter of free space in the womb. Therefore, a woman with multiple pregnancies can be noticed early and strong perturbations.

Too high rate of HCG

Analysis of the blood of women pregnant with twins, are very different. Sharp spikes of HCG may indicate multiple fetuses. In addition, the analysis may have deviated from the norm for a certain period of time.

High rates of gestation

Gestation – the period from the first day of the last menstrual period until birth. As a rule, women with multiple pregnancies the results of medical measurements are much higher than normal, because the uterus has to accommodate two fruit at the same time.

All the above characteristics are defined very individual, therefore, it should be remembered that the only way to confirm or exclude multiple pregnancy is ultrasound.

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