Called easiest way to overcome anxiety

Назван легкий способ побороть беспокойство

In today’s world always have something to worry about, but there is a way to avoid constant worry

For the most part of human evolution increased activity of the nervous system was our protection, preparing us to “fight or flight” in the face of danger. But today, the reaction we rarely needed and may even hurt. Most people exhibit some instinctive reactivity: for example, you’ve probably noticed the increased heart rate, if you can hear a police siren while driving.

Назван легкий способ побороть беспокойство

However, many people have over-reactive nervous system. Their nerves and stress hormones can be triggered in situations when nothing threatening at all. For example, stress can cause a prolonged wait in a queue or loss of the TV remote. Sometimes the nervous system responds to troubled thoughts.

Stress accelerates autonomic nervous system. This system controls many processes in the body (including blood pressure and heart rate, and sweating and flushing), vbrasyvaya a huge dose of the hormone adrenaline. And often such a reaction the body can have very negative consequences for health.

Fortunately, you can cope with this stress response. General tips include physical activity, laughter and a good nights sleep.

The oldest, most famous and the most affordable technique to relieve stress is deep, slow breathing. Even making a single deep breath, you will feel satisfied.

Breath is the basis of different relaxation techniques. Yoga include slow breathing in their meditation practices for centuries, and in the 1970-ies the medical world have formalized this relationship – after Dr. Herbert Benson first described the “relaxation response”.

One method for beginners is called equal breathing. It is based on breathing in through your nose for a count 1-2-3-4 and exhale for count 1-2-3-4. Over time, this cycle can be extended up to 8-8. Try to breathe this way for 10-15 minutes a day.

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Назван легкий способ побороть беспокойство

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