Called easiest way to beat fatigue: the doctor told me about the main cause

Назван легкий способ победить усталость: врач рассказала о главной причине

It appears to fight fatigue is not so difficult — the doctor told me how to recharge

Mineral water and natural citrus drinks not only stimulate, but also permanently charge the body with energy. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

One of the main causes of sleepiness during the working day is not the fatigue and congestion, and dehydration.

Назван легкий способ победить усталость: врач рассказала о главной причине

Nutritionists say is the scourge of all mankind, we critically drink up the right amount of clean water. The solution is simple — drink more water mineral without gas, you can with a slice of lemon or slightly chilled. Water speeds up metabolism, gives strength, invigorates and energizes, while bringing the body and helping to cleanse the internal organs.

As for other drinks, doctors recommend citrus juices – they are rich in vitamin C, which fills the body with energy, and the smell of orange, lime and lemon stimulates brain activity.

“If you can’t live a day without a caffeine drink during the day with warm green tea. Caffeine content it is not inferior to a Cup of freshly brewed coffee but this is much more useful.

It is very important not to get carried away during the day, fatty foods – it literally sleepy. A great option snack – unsweetened fruits and berries. It is a natural stimulant, especially good dark berries – blueberry, currant, cherry.

Very useful apples – these fruits provide the body with energy and vitamins. They contain boron, which increases alertness and resistance to disease,” — said the expert.

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Note, scientists have discovered why day want to sleep and what methods of struggle can help in this problem.

Narcolepsy – a disease that is characterized by bouts of irresistible sleepiness during the daytime and cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone in clear consciousness). It was believed that narcolepsy – a disease of the nervous system, which help drugs that stimulate the Central nervous system. However, scientists from the University of Copenhagen came to the conclusion that it is an autoimmune disease.

Назван легкий способ победить усталость: врач рассказала о главной причине

This assumption is repeatedly expressed in the medical community, however, was not enough evidence. Researchers from the University of health and medical Sciences Copenhagen found confirmation of this hypothesis.

Recall that there are three ways to recover quickly from fatigue.

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