Called a useful product for brain health until old age

Назван полезный продукт для мозга: здоровье до самой старости

The scientists said about the product, is able to maintain a sound mind until old age

The benefits of seafood, we were told more than once. It seems, from the very childhood we hear: “Eat more fish, it is incredibly useful.” Well, fans specifics can get accurate data. Recently, researchers have discovered exactly how fish affects our brain.

Everyone has heard that fish is good for the brain. A hundred years ago people did not have any convincing evidence that fish is good for the brain. Researchers have tried to find it, but all the evidence has been mixed: even if the use of seafood and good for the brain, the mercury content in some fish may have the opposite effect.

Назван полезный продукт для мозга: здоровье до самой старости

The new study, published last week, confirms that fish really good for your brain. More specifically, the fish consumption reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Author Martha Clare Morris (Martha Clare Morris) from medical center of Chicago drew attention to the people who participated in a lengthy study of the aging process and died in the last 10 years. Scientists studied the brains of deceased, researched the amyloid (senile) plaques that are signs of Alzheimer’s disease and used census data to determine the diet of these people and find out how much fish they ate. Yes, the method is not ideal, but often the only possible one.

Here’s what the researchers found: people who ate seafood at least once a week had a lower level of development of three different symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It seems that the fish counters this genetic mutation.

This is not the first study that showed a positive effect of eating fish. The authors refer to 13 papers published earlier. They all talk about the emergence of a protective mechanism in those who include in the diet seafood and polyunsaturated fatty acids: stops the development of cognitive impairment and dementia.

However, new studies assessed the risks of mercury poisoning found in fish. Apparently, the overall effect is still positive: you get a lot more good than harm.

Назван полезный продукт для мозга: здоровье до самой старости

The authors also noted: as we age, the amount of DHA, the most important substance for our brain decreases. Therefore, older people just have to have seafood.

Recall, the scientists made a great discovery about the mysteries of the human brain: now, no disease is not terrible.

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