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During their reunion as expected in the villa in Malibu, Mia realizes that Wes is not left unscathed from her weeks of captivity in Indonesia. Plagued by nightmares, he is also marked in his flesh…

“I’m in the shower and put myself under the stream. Wes has one of these heads, that rises very high and flows like the rain, in addition to two jets on each wall.

Wes enters the bathroom, drops his pajama pants and opened the glass door. I do not deprive to quell his body. He removed the bandage on his neck and I see a line of stitches extending from the chin to the neck. I approach him, his erection pressed on my belly. I feel tense from head to foot, but he lets me inspect his wound.

– How did you survived that ? I ask, aware that the majority of neck injuries are fatal.

– Gina, he says, as if it were obvious.

I frowned and realized that I did not even asked if she was in life.

– It is output ?

He nods and tenses up even more.

– Technically, yes.

It is just what it says, and I don’t ask more. Wes is at home. I will tell what happened when it will be ready. I’m not an expert, but I know that it can be dangerous to force someone to talk to. I don’t want it to take its distances if I insisted too much, I prefer to smother it with a too-full of love, as he has done with me after what happened to me with Aaron. I interrogerai later. […] He swallowed and grabs my waist, me pushing against his chest.

– When they pulled me over, it acted very quickly. She covered the wound and she put enough pressure on it to that I didn’t lose too much blood. When the relief arrived, I was the first in which they are occupied.

– It hurts ? I request by touching the wound.

– Yes. Every time I move or that I déglutis. Preferring to change the subject to continue to celebrate our reunion, I lean and kiss all around his wound before dropping onto his torso.

– And if I was thinking of something else ? He smiled, and his eyes are filled with desire. He licks his lips and I look with envy his language, but another part of her body craves all my attention. I kiss his chest and trace a line with my tongue up to his navel, and then I kneel down. “

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