Calendar Girl, November : first extract the month, there is a wedding in the air ! – Here

After many vicissitudes, Mia travels to New York for his new job in the company of Wes. The latter has only one idea in mind : to marry soon Mia…

“First of all , I have to take care of Wes and his need to marry.

You know, I like Mason and Rachel. They’re good people and they also form a nice couple, ” said Wes removing his shirt. I let myself be distracted by seeing his naked torso, his abs and muscular to be admired as it should be. In the Face of them, I am in a trance as in front of a painting of Monet or Van Gogh.

– Thou hast lost thy tongue ? asked Wes, smiling.

I shakes his head. No, not now. Do not let yourself be put off by this, Mia. You need answers.

– Wes, can I ask you a question ? I ask as he takes off his jeans. Fight for yourself, Mia. Fight ! You can do it. Don’t let this beautiful man distract you. It is important ! I lick her lips, matting my delicious fiance. Damn, all those hours of surfing make miracles on her body.

– Of course, sweetheart.

He sits down next to me, grabs my ankle and walk his hand on my calf, from bottom to top. This is not a caress sexual, but my body doesn’t know the difference. I barely touched that tingling covering my body from head to toe.

Thoughtful Mia. Agree. I close my eyes and try to remember what I wanted to say.

– Sweetheart, you’re scaring me, what is there ? request Wes, worried. He grabs my chin and lifts my head towards him.

– Why do you hold that are getting married so quickly ?

His shoulders fall back and then presses his elbows on his knees and takes his head in his hands.

– Wes, baby, what is it ?

I move closer to him and caress his back.

It is not that we can’t wait. I know we could take the time, but damn it, Mia, when I was locked up… the only thing that gave me a little hope was to think of you. You were my light at the end of the tunnel. I had to survive. It had to be, because I wanted to be there for you, more than anything in the world.

– Wes… I whisper in a shaky voice.

I kneel behind him and pass my arms around him.

– So, you see, this is not that we should hurry, it’s just that I don’t want to lose any second without you to be with me. When things went wrong, the only thing that made me take was of me imagine you place the ring on your finger. I imagined hundreds of ways to ask you in marriage, but in the end, I knew that the right time was here, in bed, where there’s just you and me, and where we are far from the therapy, the stress of my work, of the family.

I kiss her back, allowing her words to me penetrate. He does not want to lose a minute without me. It is not a question of jealousy or forward flight. It is a commitment. To be with me. To be with him. To form a family.

– Ok. Then, it is settled. We will get married on our beach, in Malibu, and we will go to your parents for the reception. You want that list of guests ?

– He turns abruptly, pushing me back and lay down on me between my thighs.

– Make the lists after.

– After what ? I request playing of the eyebrows.

– After I have pushed my girlfriend to the curtain.

His words inflamed the blood in my veins, and my lower abdomen contracts.

– It can make it, ” I say, smiling, lifting her head to kiss him.

– No, Mia, it’s you that I’m going to do, he says, sucking on my lower lip. I shoot a grunt and around my legs, bringing it close to me. With Wes, each time is amazing. The pleasure he gives me is without comparison, and, sometimes, I think that I m’ habituerai ever. No matter what the future holds for us, I will never stop wanting to be with this man.

– Okay, I whispered.

– With pleasure, ” growled he.

– What a pleasure ? Yours or mine ? I ask, laughing.

– Ours, my darling. Still ours…”

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