By the end of 2017 on the globe sell 950,000 electric vehicles

As experts predict, by the end of 2017 leading automobile dealers in the world have to sell 950,000 cars. The main market for electric vehicles will perform China.

It is noted that the popularity of electric vehicles is gradually gaining speed on the earthly globe, where it has a decent amount of “green” vehicles. According to the most conservative forecasts, by the end of the year sell 950,000 electric cars and the largest market share will be equal to 43.8% and will have on China. In China, the majority of motorists are buying electric cars, replacing their cars with internal combustion engines.

Such demand for electric cars in the Chinese market is explainable by their low cost and developed transport infrastructure in major cities. They have station, carrying out rapid charging, which is equipped with Parking near hypermarkets and car refueling.

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