Buzova told how to avoid the “bouquet” of sexually transmitted diseases with “a Serious relationship”

The singer did not hesitate to touch upon very intimate question about sexual relations and shared very important information. The star was told how easy it is to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Бузова рассказала, как избежать «букета» венерических заболеваний с помощью «Серьезных отношений»

Famous Russian singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova has a significant impact on their own 13 million viewers in Instagram, the emphasis which is often used for advertising purposes. This time the singer reached out to fans in a video and announced that it was engaged in “Serious relationship” from a private medical company.

In terms of action until 30 June clinics can receive a significant discount on a full examination of yourself and your partner. Buzova reminded that many serious diseases can occur without symptoms, so to know about their presence is possible only through laboratory diagnosis.

Users have noticed that, speaking of advertising, Buzova somehow visibly worried because of the intimate subtext of advertising, or for other personal reasons. Also fans advised her to go to a speech therapist, as is sometimes the singer was a mistake in the pronunciation of words.

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