Bus with Russian tourists crashed in the popular resort: first take away the injured, emergency personnel

Автобус с российскими туристами разбился на популярном курорте: скорые увозят раненых, кадры ЧП

People already went to one of the airports in Turkey after the holidays and got into a terrible accident

The bus with tourists overturned in the popular resort. According to media reports, at the time of the accident in the bus were tourists among the victims – the majority of the citizens of the Russian Federation. This is reported by the Turkish news sources, information about the incident spread in the network:

“A bus with tourists overturned in the province of Antalya near the village of Aksu. 16 people were injured”, — reported according to “CNN Turk”.

The victims, the Russians were taken to nearby hospitals for examination. Haibara rosssmi it is reported that four of the victims have life-threatening wounds and are in hospitals in serious condition. It is also known that the bus went to the airport. The photo shows the scale of what happened – people in panic, local doctors were trying to help.

Автобус с российскими туристами разбился на популярном курорте: скорые увозят раненых, кадры ЧП

This summer the popular holiday region – Yes, the whole Turkey as a tourist unit on the map – was for the Russian tourists a real hell. Here at the local pools traumatized children, and then died, died after a rest a Russian student was injured and adults.

We will remind, in the Moscow Institute Sklifosovsky died 19-year-old Russian, which was delivered to the Russian capital from a resort in Turkey:

“She is in a coma after a dip in the pool and was in critical condition for some time”, write the Russian media.

August 22 at the water Park Sealanya Seapark in Alanya, Turkey the girl barely pulled out of the pool – she somehow became bad:

“The patient died on the second of September, about seven o’clock in the evening,” constituvely medics, no more information to journalists, they do not provide. The dead name was Olga, she’s a Muscovite, was vacationing with her mother:

“Then pleasure it with a mask in the pool with exotic fish swam. But suddenly she began to sink, until it was pulled – it took some time.” The girl after the incident, immediately moved to Russia, but it there could not be saved.

Автобус с российскими туристами разбился на популярном курорте: скорые увозят раненых, кадры ЧП

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Previously, we wrote about the fact that this student from Moscow went into a coma after a dip in the pool at the hotel in Turkey.” A young girl swam in the pool with a mask and suddenly began to choke:

“It was assumed that she just bathed, she was later pulled from the water unconscious,” said her mother journalists.

It is known that after the incident the girl was transported to Russia, she was lying in the intensive care unit:

Earlier we wrote about a similar case – also a Russian woman, 12-year-old girl was pulled into the tube on the bottom of the pool in Turkey – after the coma on August 28 in the hospital Turkey girl died.

We will remind, terrible road accident happened in Odessa: “a fire, a huge tube and flipped the jeep.”

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Politeka also wrote the disappearance of 11-year-old Darya Lukyanenko in the Odessa region found fragments of the body