Bus with children crashed off a cliff: the first details of the emergency

Автобус с детьми рухнул с обрыва: первые подробности ЧП

A terrible accident happened to a passenger bus in which salon there were children

The vehicle went off the cliff.

The accident happened in the Russian Novorossiysk. There is a Shuttle bus fell off a cliff, telegrams, reports channel 112.

Автобус с детьми рухнул с обрыва: первые подробности ЧП

In the cabin of the vehicle was a 42 – driver, tour guide and 39 passengers, including children.

Already known for at least 30 injured three people, including two children, were killed.

To a scene sent on 20 brigades “first aid”.

While the victims are unable to pull out because they are locked in the wrecked bus.

As we wrote earlier, the propagandist of Putin on the day of their birthday party crashed in an accident. He and his colleagues first visited the Church, ate barbecue, and then got into a car accident having shot down an animal.

About accident advocate Boris korchevnikov reported by the journalists of “KP” Roman Golovanov. In the social network Instagram, she wrote that the incident happened when korchevnikov celebrated a birthday.

“Celebrating the birthday of Boris Gryzlov @b.korchevnikov : Holy communion in the Bayou, eat Armenian barbecue, hit a deer. And for dessert, ice cream,” wrote Golovanov.

However, he posted a photo where he and 37-year-old korchevnikov with happy faces eating ice cream.

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Автобус с детьми рухнул с обрыва: первые подробности ЧП

Golovanov also added that the accident has damaged the car of the priest Pavel Ostrovsky. “Pray for the priest. He now has a lot of trouble” – added the journalist, apparently very pleased with the hassle now, not him and not Korchevnikov.

Russian Internet users were horrified from such cynicism of their own propagandists.

“The deer was hit, and written so casually, and it’s living soul”, “For me, such an event as the death of a living being, and joy are not compatible. Very sorry that we have such “Orthodox” leading religious TV channels. Fat minus. Unsubscribe. Of course, you still… my friends in my free time rescuing animals. Treat, feed, at his own expense deliver to the clinics… And Yes, we do not boast of faith,” “the Only pity someone who deserves respect from living souls, spelled out in this post, it’s a deer…”, “A ROE or nekrashenaya funeral it was?”, – written by the commentators.

We will remind, terrible road accident happened in Odessa: “a fire, a huge tube and flipped the jeep.”

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop in Kiev: people scattered like bowling pins.