Burning legendary Studio, rescue workers bringing out the bodies: many victims, footage of the disaster

Пылает легендарная студия, спасатели выносят тела: много пострадавших, кадры катастрофы

In the Internet appeared the frames of the burning Studio, which is known all over the world

About it reports The Japan Times.

“The unknown man committed arson in the building of the anime Studio Kyoto Animation. About 10 people were found on the second floor of a building with no signs of life. About 40 people were injured, including the alleged arsonist”, — stated in the message.

It later emerged that a suspect of 41 years.

“The fire started around 10:30 a.m. local time. Eyewitnesses said they heard a series of explosions, then the building tumbled down a black smoke”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, large-scale fire on the Russian thermal plants spread to nearby buildings. July 11 at CHPP-27 Moscow suburb of Mytishchi flared up a strong fire. According to preliminary data, it was preceded by an explosion.

As reported by the emergency services of the Moscow region, the fire area has already reached 200 square meters.

It is known that the fire injured 8 people. 6 of them asked for help in an ambulance. They have diagnosed the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, they were assisted on the spot. In Moscow the Ministry of health also report that victims diagnosed with burns 1st and 2nd degree. All the victims worked at the garage, which is located near the thermal power plant.

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Пылает легендарная студия, спасатели выносят тела: много пострадавших, кадры катастрофы

In addition, the network appeared information about the fact that the fire spread to the residence, located near the flaring CHP. While this information is not officially confirmed, but local authorities say that the fire in CHP plants is not a threat to the residential sector.

According to the latest data, on-site CHP lit tank with oil. To cope with the fire until it succeeds. Now on the fire at CHP-27 sent two helicopters and two fire trains.

Because of the fire near the CHP had to block the traffic in both directions — with 1-km of Ostashkovskoe highway to the shopping center “June”. The detour is via Yaroslavl highway. Local groups in social networks publish photos of the scene.

Пылает легендарная студия, спасатели выносят тела: много пострадавших, кадры катастрофы

We will remind, explosion has thundered in a residential building in Moscow: all fire, people quickly evacuated.

As reported Politeka, Russia on fire: “the element destroys everything in its way, firefighters can not cope”.

Also Politeka wrote that in the courtyard of the building of the Kharkiv broke out powerful fire.