Burned alive favorite: new details of the terrible tragedy in Zaporozhye, “charred like an ember”

Сжег любимую живьем: новые детали страшной трагедии в Запорожье, «обгоревшая, как уголек»

22-year-old Anastasia Kovaleva, a week after the tragedy died in hospital in Zaporizhia

The mother of the deceased Kristina Kovaleva told the details of what happened. According to her, she didn’t know about the daughter quarrels with her fiance, 28-year-old Vitaly Chaikovsky.

Сжег любимую живьем: новые детали страшной трагедии в Запорожье, «обгоревшая, как уголек»

“At first they were really happy. Then the problems started. Vitalik began to make a scene of jealousy, all the time controlled Nastya. Could make trouble just because of the fact that it is without his permission, went out to drink coffee,” said the woman.

Recall that in July 2019, a terrible story that took place in Zaporizhia, stirred up the whole country, leaving no one indifferent. The young man burned alive his beloved. The network has got video of the incident (to see the video, dockrillia to the end).

Сжег любимую живьем: новые детали страшной трагедии в Запорожье, «обгоревшая, как уголек»

So, the guy doused a girl with gasoline and struck a lighter. According to him, he immediately rushed to save her. As a result, with burns over 90% of the body surface the victim was taken to the hospital, the monster was diagnosed with burns to fingers. A week later, having transferred some operations, due to the gravity of the received traumas the girl has died. The journalist was detained and placed in jail.

As noted, the pair were constantly arguing because of jealousy. The day of the tragedy was no exception. Day Nastya went to the beach with her friend Svetlana, which angered her boyfriend. After returning they had a big fight and the guy ran out of the house (as it turned out later, for gasoline). When Nastya went outside to greet him, he poured her a dangerous liquid and set on fire.

Parents Vitaly, by the way, making excuses for her son. According to them, he just wanted to scare the bride. And the lighter was in the bag, he was sharply her nerves, and first burned himself. And when the girl rushed to his aid, the fire will naturally spread to her.

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“I will never forget the moment when I first saw Cindy in the hospital, told the girl’s mother. — She was all charred as coal. Not burned just feet. And all was black… the Head is the size of a soccer ball.”

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