“Bump” Yanukovych continues to tear Ukraine: “there is a court decision”

«Шишка» Януковича продолжает обдирать Украину: «есть решение суда»

The official times of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych after his return to Ukraine continues to rip off the country

This was reported by Andriy Portnov in Facebook.

“Dear friends, today the court (caves — ed.) upheld my claim about collecting of the damage caused to me by the officials of the GPU, the foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada for the initiation of canadian sanctions and falsification of criminal cases. The amount of damage — about 300 thousand U.S. dollars. The law requires the submission of such claim to the Ministry of justice and Treasury, and already they are obliged to recover damages from the guilty officials,” he said.

«Шишка» Януковича продолжает обдирать Украину: «есть решение суда»

Moreover, according to Portnow, “the end of the legal journey, I plan to move in the Kiev apartment of the Ambassador of Ukraine in Canada Shevchenko”.

As previously reported, the son of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has been spotted in the occupied Donbass, which is part of Russia. Volunteer and journalist Rodion Shovkoshitny sure that Yanukovych Jr. didn’t just come to the Donbass. Russia has a plan and she bears it has long been in relation to Ukraine.

“Is this option possible? I do not know. It will depend on the situation. Moscow needs that Ukraine was unstable and that Ukraine was not in NATO, to leave everything as is, the occupied, the unstable Donbas and a lot of problems. To do this, Russia will do everything, and if you have to choose an instrument of the autonomy of Donbas within Ukraine, they will do so. If at that time it will not be possible it will use another tool,” he said.

Shovkoshitny also notes that the arrival of “Sasha-the stomatologist” may affect the situation in the Donbass. He is sure that Russia is the main task — to keep Ukraine unstable. The country did not have clear boundaries, and whom they will supply, not so long ago.

Previously, we reported that the “DPR” told about the visit of Yanukovych and agreements between the parties. Alexander, the son of Yanukovych, should receive part of the energy sector of Donbass, under the control of insurgents.

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«Шишка» Януковича продолжает обдирать Украину: «есть решение суда»

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