“Bump” of Yanukovych intends to return to Ukraine: “I sent the wife to explore”

«Шишка» времен Януковича намерена вернуться в Украину: «прислал жену на разведку»

Arrived in Ukraine, scandalous wife of a top ranking official during former President Viktor Yanukovych

About it reports “112.Ukraine”.

As it turned out, the man “sent the wife to investigate.”

“Ukraine came the wife of the former head of the security Service of Ukraine and Vice-Prime-Minister of the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych Valery Khoroshkovsky Elena, and not himself,” — said in the message.

«Шишка» времен Януковича намерена вернуться в Украину: «прислал жену на разведку»

Note that earlier in mass media there was spread information that arrived in Ukraine, Khoroshkovsky.

As you know, the politician has left the territory of Ukraine at the end of 2012. At the moment he lives in Monaco.

“Former owner of “inter” TV channel has also held the post of economy Minister in the Yanukovych government, Chairman of the State customs service under the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, the Chairman of the security Service (under Yanukovych), Minister of Finance and first Deputy Prime Minister in Mykola Azarov’s government. Included in the so-called political group Firtash-Levochkin”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, the return of the occupied Donbass, the son of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych are part of Russia’s plan. This was stated by journalist and volunteer Rodion Shovkoshitny.

So, according to him, such a strategy Russia is nurturing for a long time.

“Is this option possible? I do not know. It will depend on the situation. Moscow needs that Ukraine was unstable and that Ukraine was not in NATO, to leave everything as is, the occupied, the unstable Donbas and a lot of problems. To do this, Russia will do everything, and if you have to choose an instrument of the autonomy of Donbas within Ukraine, they will do so. If at that time it will not be possible it will use another tool,” he said.

Moreover, Shovkoshitny also said the possible arrival of “Sasha-the stomatologist” will affect the situation in the Donbass.

“No matter who I put there. Their main idea is to keep the instability, which is in Ukraine. They need to be chaos to Ukraine, had their own clearly defined boundaries. And who they have as their sponsor, it does not matter,” he said.

«Шишка» времен Януковича намерена вернуться в Украину: «прислал жену на разведку»

Recall that Herman was caught in a big lie.

As reported Politeka, “bump” the Cabinet has decided to repeat the fate of Yanukovych.

Politeka also wrote that Yanukovych and Azarov will be able to influence the election of the President of Ukraine.