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parmi-jardins-reinventes-2016-maison(Sherbrooke) Summer is back rich and plural at the House of Arts and Culture of Brompton. Not want to lock yourself inside? Eight reinvented gardens await you. It is raining? Three exhibitions in crèchent MACB. More affinity with the music with visual art? A series of four concerts scheduled on some Fridays and Sundays. We always choosy? There will also be storytelling, theater, a bonfire …

With still a point of breathlessness Maude Charland-Lallier, Director places, presented its summer program yesterday. It reached the target, but not without putting some energy piles. The campaign sociofinancement spring still exceeded the target ($ 7400 instead of $ 6000), which again allowed to add a sixth professional artist reinvented the Gardens. The determined director also managed to increase autonomous revenues MACB (rentals, membership, etc.), hence this enhancement of the Brompton series in concert with theater supplements tale and company.

“We had to roll up their sleeves, because there are more and more campaigns sociofinancement today. It’s a constant battle, “says one who does not démènerait as if she had no concern that its artists have every right to a character worthy of the name. “Fortunately, the city is still behind to support us, as well as several private partners who have returned. The MP Guy Hardy was also added. ”

Additional income, Maude Charland-Lallier rushed to reinvest in the artistic offer. Thus, the warm, festive and cosmopolitan music of the Wheel of the wolf (July 10, 12 am), Trio 8 notes (July 17, 14 am 30) Mamselle Ruiz (July 29, 12 pm) and naked Travelers (August 12, 19 pm) will be grafted, respectively, indigenous tales Mario Anctil and Louise de Broin, participatory creation of Anne-Marie Auclair, the play in Picasso’s dreams and a bonfire.

rout expected

For the ninth year of reinvented Gardens, Maude Charland-Lallier submitted the theme unusual movements and trajectories to six guest artists in the hope that the works submitted confuse some visitors.

The latter will be able to walk between the tires tree Catherine Longpre (apocope The acer, human fruit), wrought iron silhouettes Valerie J. Gosselin (Attendance), the pisciform skeletons of electrical devices Ida Rivard (appearance lane Species: the électrofish), the wave of sculpture frozen in its tracks by Pierre Leblanc (from wave and water …), the bald Eagle planted by Eric Guay and the indescribable installation Andrew Chartier (the path of a breath), in which the movement produced by the wind or by man drives a strange drawing machine …

Again, the students of the Certificate in Visual Arts from the University of Sherbrooke and students of art class of the Mitchell-Montcalm school were invited. The first six have created a kind of horizontal and vertical scroll (Vertigo), while 125 others propose a set of mobile in the form of a blue cube (single difference).

Finally, inside, the public will find an installation of Pierre Leblanc (unusual movements and speech), small maps of unreal Ginette Couture (Next station) and the renewal, by Josianne Bolduc, an ephemeral work of dancer and choreographer Elise Legrand (journey Dance).

Want to go?

Opening of the Gardens reinvented in 2016 and home exhibitions of MACB

Sunday, July 3, 14 pm

Brompton in concert

10, 17, 29 July and 12 August

Free admission

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