Bucket, mounted behind the car: tradition or necessity? Why hang them?

What drivers hang back a bucket?

Відерце, закріплене позаду автомобіля: данина традиціям чи необхідність? Для чого їх вішають?

The tradition of coachmen

In those days, when the roads traveled only horse-drawn carriages, no self-respecting driver, not moved without a bucket. It is also fastened in the rear part of the carriage or wagon. The bucket was filled with tar: a means for lubrication of the hub. The tradition originated in those years when the wheels were not fitted with bearings, informs Rus.Media.

Later, the bucket remained as utensils, with which you can drink workaholic horse.

In the Soviet era

In pre-war times, the first owners of the car took over from horse-drawn tradition to travel everywhere with a bucket. Hung it back too, that was always the eyes at the right time. The practical value of this accessory was: they drew water from nearby ponds, wells, and streams to fill the radiator. In addition, when the cooling system operates solely on the water: using the same bucket, it was leaking at night and in the morning flooded back. In the bucket of water could warm up, if it was necessary.

Residents of the North with a bucket warmed up the diesel fuel that was freezing during the night or while parked in the car tank. In the bucket was easy to build a fire: it can be as close to the tank.

Superstition drivers

Since “bucket” – is considered a symbol of salvation, a symbol of good luck on the road. With its help it was possible to escape, to get out of any disaster, it became a kind of driver’s talisman.

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Today was the practical nature of buckets, suspended behind, come to naught. But in cars it is used exclusively as an accessory that brings good luck to the driver, protecting him from harm. miniature, metal and plastic, with fancy paintings or just “dip” – these accessories today, there are many, for every taste.

Little practical meaning

On big trucks with tow hitch buckets are hung to maintain the towed device: when riding the bow bucket is constantly faced with the elements of the tow bar, and knocked the dirt from him.


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