Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) : surprised in full action in a train with his wife, he tells all ! – Here

When one takes the train with his young wife, he must always be wary of the length of the tunnels ! This is the hard lesson that to be learned Bryan Cranston during his honeymoon in Europe.

Bryan Cranston is still remembered very well from his honeymoon. Why ? Simply because he has been caught trying to make love to his wife in a train. A crazy story that the star of Breaking Bad told in the show of Conan O’brien Thursday night : “My beautiful wife Robin and I, who have celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary recently, we were in Europe for our honeymoon and a part of the trip was to take us from Switzerland into Italy. “

A train trip to be very romantic, since the travel agent who was busy with the comedian had given him a little pipe concerning three tunnels used by the route. Bryan Cranston is as well remembered the council that he had been given (and that he would have done better not to listen to) : “In fact, the third tunnel has a total length of fifty minutes. It is tradition for the newlyweds to enjoy their advantage of this time “.

A small sentence full of innuendo that Bryan Cranston had responded with a look of an accomplice to a single ” capisce “. Arrived at the third tunnel, it is thus quite naturally that the two lovers are put to work. In telling the story of the sequel, the actor has not been able to restrain his laughter : “after a short time, I begin to distinguish the face of my wife and I say to myself as my eyes begin to acclimate “.

In fact, not at all. If the eyes of Bryan Cranston began to see as in daylight, it is because they were in the middle of the day : “In a few seconds, bam, we’re outside, in full light “. An event that would not have been a problem if the partitions of the compartments of the train had not been transparent. Bryan Cranston remembered all his life the two words not so soft to her companion, who said to him : “Loose me ! “You can imagine that the rest of the trip was much more quiet…

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