“Brutes fought?”: Russian cows distributed uniform, the network is hysterical

"Скоты воевали?": российским коровам раздали военную форму, в сети истерика

In Russia at the annual fair, one of the participants dressed their cows in the form of the Soviet soldiers, which was the cause for caustic comments in the network

“In Bryansk at agricultural fair livestock dressed up in the form of soldiers of the Soviet Army. Stalin approves” — said in a Twitter channel Lentic.

Russians such an act revolted, but found it very symbolic, because Russia’s attitude to the soldiers as cattle, which are sent for slaughter.

“Putinism brain ))”, “as if the Soviet army was not Chicks”, “Now form on the spot”, “these fighting heifers in the may 9 parade print, let Shoigu riding calf rolls out,” “And then what? Awards will be hung on sheep and pigs??”, “To whoever invented it, you need to come with drug testing”, “F**mentioned there is no peace”, “Against the truth you will not trample — in the Soviet Army, the position of the soldiers was worse than bestial,” “the herd is always the herd Beasts fought?”, — write in the comments the users of the network.

"Скоты воевали?": российским коровам раздали военную форму, в сети истерика "Скоты воевали?": российским коровам раздали военную форму, в сети истерика "Скоты воевали?": российским коровам раздали военную форму, в сети истерика

Earlier it was reported that the Internet has ridiculed President Vladimir Putin, who decided to treat the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ice cream. The footage was published propagandist Dmitry Smirnov in Twitter.

“Erdogan: For me too pay? Putin: Cry, you’re a guest. But were treated to ice cream the entire Turkish delegation,” — said in the message.

Published footage shows how Putin is “captivating” Erdogan’s ice cream. This was the reason for caustic comments from the users: “Putin is not treated as taxpayers rosianna”, “Putin got everything”, “See the Russians so that**about spending our money”, “Delicious ice cream?Yummy ice cream?Or had finished without salt?”, “Cash got up his sleeve. Do not trust card”, “Money is necessary to feel,” they write.

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