Brutally killed: militants boasted mercy of Ukrainian fighter fight details

Жестоко убили: боевики похвастались растерзанием украинского бойца, детали боя

Ukrainian soldier who died after attack the enemies in OOS allegedly stored in a morgue in the occupied territories

On 5 may, the leadership of the so-called “DNR” announced the death of a soldier in the Donbas APU. Details on his page on Twitter said the blogger with the nickname Necro Mancer.

Fighters of an illegal armed formation “Russian liberation army” reported that during the fighting comrades threw a Ukrainian soldier and escaped. Soldiers APU, according to the terrorists, died on the spot from the received wounds. His body was sent to the morgue. The further fate of the deceased military remains unknown.

Жестоко убили: боевики похвастались растерзанием украинского бойца, детали боя

The occupants also told about the weapons found on the battlefield. They found two machine rooms No. 282794 and No. THOSE 4416, as well as adaptations for silent shooting them 457 SW and SW 443.

According to the “Ukrainian militaristic portal”, the mentioned battle took place on 1 may. That day, one soldier of the 35th brigade of Marines was missing. Two of his colleagues were injured. Comrades tried to look for the missing man APU, but failed. The invaders themselves came out unscathed. During the attack, the Ukrainian soldiers managed to kill one militant and wounding several more.

Жестоко убили: боевики похвастались растерзанием украинского бойца, детали боя

Earlier it became known that the fighter APU tragically died in the area of the OSS in the Donbas. The company commander of a 130-th separate reconnaissance battalion Sergey Sherak died Thursday, may 2. Sources said that he had suddenly thrown a clot.

The victim was taken to relatives in Exactly where he will be buried in the cemetery Tynna. Associate Professor of the Department of accounting and audit, National University of water management and nature Olesya Miklukha on his page in Facebook said that on may 3, the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko was forbidden to bury the commander in the alley of Heroes, because “the seats are reserved for military” victims. And Sergei, Sherak died not from combat wounds.

Recall APU punish the militants behind the attacks in OOS: “many dead and wounded”, part.

As reported Politeka, APU destroyed the traitor militants left without a “Nose”, a photo of werewolf.

Also Politeka wrote what popped up frightening truth about the breakthrough of the APU in the Donbass: “There’s f* * * yourself, a lot of losses.”