Brutal attack on Church: is dead, “prayer does not help”

Жестокое нападение на церковь: есть погибшие, «молитвы не помогли»

Five people, including a priest, were killed in the attack on the Church

Armed men entered the Church in Silgadi (the African state of Burkina Faso.) and opened fire toward the end of Sunday services. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A priest named Pierre Ouedraogo and his two sons were killed during the attack.

According to BBC Africa, the attackers then fled North in the direction of the country’s borders with Mali.

Жестокое нападение на церковь: есть погибшие, «молитвы не помогли»

“Unidentified armed men attacked a Protestant Church in Silgadi, killing four members and the pastor. At least two people were missing,” — said a source in the security services.

We will remind, in the USA, an unidentified gunman opened fire near the Church.

As a result of the incident killed at least one person. It is also reported about the seven victims, who received injuries of varying severity.

The authorities need the help of the public in identifying the gunman and potential victims as a result of “a tragic, cowardly” shooting, this statement was made the police Commissioner of Baltimore (Maryland, USA) Michael Harrison.

The Commissioner says the gunman started “firing into the crowd indiscriminately, subsequently, hitting several people.”

The press-Secretary of the Department of Cake Fenno said that on Sunday evening, the police received a call informing them that several people were wounded in the shooting. According to available information, one of the victims died, the other as she did is still unknown.

Жестокое нападение на церковь: есть погибшие, «молитвы не помогли»

According to the Commissioner of police at the scene were found two sets of hulls and shells, so the detectives are trying to determine whether another shooter opened fire in response.

Recall shooting rocked the capital.

As reported Politeka, in the river opened fire near the shop.

Also Politeka wrote that the shooting occurred in the capital’s cafes.